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Coptic is one of the earlier languages that the New Testament was directly translated into; as such it is important to consult when evaluating text-critical matters. But the Coptic textual history has dips and turns just like that of the Greek. While the Sahidic Coptic is likely the earliest Coptic witness to the Greek New Testament; the Bohairic Coptic cannot be ignored either and often represents the earliest New Testament text in individual textual variants. The Bohairic Coptic Collection (2 Vols.) present the Bohairic Coptic text of the New Testament and a literal English translation.

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Key Features

  • Complete Bohairic Coptic text of the New Testament
  • Literal English translation of the Bohairic Coptic New Testament
  • Compare the Bohairic and Sahidic Coptic New Testaments with the Text Comparison Tool

Praise for the Print Edition

Textually the present version is characterized by the fact that it follows the Alexandrian recension. It has been noticed that its text is the same as the Greek text represented by Codex L [= 019]. With regard to the text of the Acts of the Apostles we have a detailed collation made by Thompson. Here we learn of the extraordinary fidelity of this version to the text of the Greek uncials. In this regard J.L. Koole’s result is interesting, namely, that the version never agrees with B [= 03, Vaticanus] when B disagrees with the other Alexandrian textual witnesses. This close relationship with the Alexandrian text already determines its textual character. The omissions are of the same as in the Great uncials. Among others it omits the account of the agony and bloody sweat in Luke 22:43–44, the well-known homiletic addition in the pericope about the sick man at the Pool of Bethesda in John 5:3–4, and naturally the pericopae adulterae in John 7:53–8:11.

—Arthur Vööbus, Early Versions of the New Testament: Manuscript Studies (Stockholm: The Estonian Theological Society in Exile, 1954), 235

Product Details

  • Title: Bohairic Coptic Collection
  • Editor: J. Warren Wells
  • Translator: George Horner
  • Publisher: Logos Bible Software and Oxford
  • Volumes: 2

Individual Titles

Bohairica: The New Testament According to the Bohairic Coptic Text

  • Editor: J. Warren Wells
  • Publisher: Logos Bible Software
  • Publication Date: 2010

This Bohairic Coptic edition of the New Testament is based on the critical edition of Horner, and was prepared by J. Warren Wells. It is designed to be used alongside the resources of the Sahidic Coptic Collection, which were also prepared by Mr. Wells. Featuring uniformity in spelling, punctuation and other usage as is found in standard Greek editions, the Bohairic text found in this edition of the New Testament is intended to be coherent, consistent, and easy-to-use. Standardization and simplicity was the goal, allowing the text to be valuable to students and instructors as well as translators and textual critics.

Critical editions of the Greek New Testament (e.g. NA27, UBS4; also Metzger’s Textual Commentary) regularly cite Bohairic Coptic editions in the apparatus; such citation points to areas where the Bohairic Coptic either strengthens or challenges the form of the text. In such instances, Bohairica: The New Testament According to the Bohairic Text provides a source to confirm and evaluate such readings in their whole context.

The Bohairic Coptic New Testament in English

  • Translator: George Horner
  • Publisher: Oxford
  • Publication Date: 1898

The Bohairic Coptic New Testament was one of the earliest translations of the Greek of the New Testament. But outside of Egypt, Coptic is not a widely known language these days — even among scholars of the New Testament. Thankfully, when George Horner prepared his critical editions of the Coptic text in the early 1900’s, he also prepared translations of the Sahidic and Bohairic versions for the edition. Logos is excited to make available Horner's translation of the Bohairic Coptic New Testament

Horner writes in the preface to his Bohairic edition:

The object of the translation is to supply the English reader with some knowledge of the Greek text which was translated by the Egyptians of the North-Western province. … This being the main object, it is also intended by literal treatment to give an idea of the peculiarities of the language and the method of the version.


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