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Successful Home Cell Groups
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Successful Home Cell Groups

by ,

Bridge-Logos 1981

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Home cell groups are becoming a necessity in the believer’s life, not only for the mega-churches but also for the small corner churches, as well. This book is a how-to resource that details everything you need to know in order to make home cell groups work in your church. The plans developed here are designed to bring intimate fellowship and involvement in the Christian’s life, to effectively show Christians how to evangelize their neighborhood and community, and to share their spiritual gifts with one another. Home cell groups, therefore, give church members the opportunity to participate in the ministry of their church. Dr. Cho promises that, “By following the guidelines I have presented here, you can bring the miracles of home cell groups and church growth to your own congregation.”

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So how does a church of more than 800,000 believers grow and work? Small groups, one household at a time. Cho is careful to share both his mistakes as well as his successes. One of the prime ingredients for a successful home group program is evangelism. He insists that the cell groups focus on the neighborhoods and communities to reach the lost. Leadership, training, discipline, recognition, focus, and personal involvement by the senior pastor are other critical elements. There is a careful balance which needs to be struck between control and freedom for each group to strengthen and grow. Great wisdom is shown in relying on the Holy Spirit to strike the right balance. As a senior partner in ministry, The Holy Spirit has grown the body of Christ in a miraculous way. Recorded in this book are lessons for us all, laymen and clergy, large church and small.

—Jeffrey Ellis, volunteer prison chaplain

There is no doubt about Dr. Cho's influence on our modern day cell group and church movement. He is at the absolute forefront, his insights and heart for ministry are a huge blessing to the church international. This book is one of the key books to read to help anyone understand the simplicity and necessity of cell groups for church life. The concepts are incredibly helpful and insightful.

—R. Neary, Minister of Discipleship, Cathedral in the Pines, Beaumont, TX

Product Details

  • Title: Successful Home Cell Groups
  • Author: David Yonggi Cho
  • Publisher: Bridge-Logos
  • Publication Date: 1981
  • Pages: 172

About Dr. David Yonggi Cho

Dr. David Yonggi Cho is the pastor of the Yoido Full Gospel Central Church in Seoul, Korea. The church has grown to become the largest worshiping body in the world with a congregation that numbers over 800,000 members, who are involved in more than 25,000 home cell groups. Dr. Cho is the author of several other books including, Unleashing the Power of Faith and A Leap of Faith. He studied theology under a scholarship at Full Gospel Bible College in Seoul, graduating in March, 1958. He has spent more than 44 years emphasizing the importance of cell group ministry. He founded Church Growth International, in 1976, to teach pastors the principles of evangelism and church growth. Southern Baptist pastor, Rick Warren conducted a Purpose-Driven conference at the Yoido Full Gospel Central Church, in 2006.

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