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Scrolls, Scriptures and Early Christianity

Format: Digital
, 2005
ISBN: 9780567083876


A distinguished scholar and leading authority on the Dead Sea Scrolls, Geza Vermes definitely has a lot of experience and expertise to pass on to his contemporaries and the generations of scholars to come. This collection of essays offers an overview of Dead Sea Scrolls research, ranging from an examination of “The Essenes in History” to a study of “Biblical Proof-Texts in Qumran Literature.”

Praise for the Print Edition

Without any doubt… Geza Vermes’ works are always a good read and research at its best at the same time. Furthermore, everyone can learn from Vermes’ fine observations and so receive fresh motivation to study the Dead Sea Scrolls in more detail.

—Thomas J. Kraus, Review of Biblical Literature

Product Details

  • Title: Scrolls, Scriptures and Early Christianity
  • Author: Geza Vermes
  • Publisher: Continuum International Publishing
  • Publication Date: 2005
  • Pages: 96

About Geza Vermes

Geza Vermes is Professor Emeritus of Jewish Studies, University of Oxford.

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