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The Grace New Testament Commentary (2 vols.)


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The Grace New Testament Commentary (2 vols.) was written over the course of twenty years by fourteen men who have devoted their lives to studying and teaching the Word of God. They fulfilled the aim of their work: to aid the Body of Christ by providing it with a readable, enlightening, and challenging commentary on the New Testament. There has long been a need for a commentary on the New Testament from a Free Grace perspective that explains this text. The Grace New Testament Commentary (2 vols.) provides explanation of all of the difficult New Testament passages, including the ones that seem to deny eternal security, ones that seem to contradict justification by faith alone, and ones that seem to condition kingdom entrance upon perseverance.

An excellent resource for pastors, teachers, professors, students, and laity, this commentary provides a great backdrop for New Testament Studies. The authors included in this set are: J. B. Bond, Gary Derickson, Brad Doskocil, Hal M. Haller, Zane Hodges, Dwight L. Hunt, Shawn R. Leach, Rene A. Lopez, Barry Mershon, Gregory P. Sapaugh, J. Paul Tanner, Robert Vacendak, Alberto S. Valdes, and Robert N. Wilkin. Each New Testament book of the Bible is introduced with an outline, themes, background information, and historical context. Then, launching into commentary, the authors divide the biblical text into small chunks of Scripture, analyzing the Scriptures verse-by-verse. With the Logos edition of The Grace New Testament Commentary (2 Vols.), you can link the commentaries to your preferred Bibles, and running the Passage Guide will pull these volumes up in search results.

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  • Over 1,000 pages of New Testament exegesis
  • Biblical insight from fourteen scholars and theologians
  • Highly readable commentary
This commentary does not stray away from the basic truth of salvation when explaining some of the more difficult passages that seem, when taken at face value and often out of context, to advocate a message contrary to faith alone in Christ alone for salvation, namely passages suggesting good works are required for salvation or other adding additional conditions for salvation beyond faith (i.e. Matthew 7:15-23, 10:32-33, Acts 2:38, Romans 10:9-10, 1 Corinthians 6:9, Galatians 5:4,19, Hebrews 6:4-6, 10:26-29, James 2:14-26, 2 Peter 2:20-21, 1 John 3:6,9-10). Each of these passages has a reasonable explanation when explained in context and that remains true to the gospel message of grace through faith in Christ for eternal life. You will be blessed by having this commentary and understanding more fully the amazing grace of God!

—Online Reviewer

This commentary comes at an excellent price and whether you are a beginner or a mature student of the word of God, this commentary will provide food for thought and above all, it will build you up spiritually. What greater commendation of this commentary could I give than to say that it will provide you with a solid basis for assurance of eternal life, stimulating motivation for holy living, a renewed love for the God of grace, and clear explanations of how you can live a life pleasing to God? In my life, this commentary has been hugely encouraging because the impact is not merely academic. This is a commentary that will draw you closer to God and help you to see how that the Christian life is from beginning to end, by faith in our wonderful God.

—Online Reviewer

  • Title: The Grace New Testament Commentary (2 vols.)
  • Publisher: Grace Evangelical Society
  • Volumes: 2
  • Pages: 1,334


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  1. Bryan



    Truly a rare gem amongst the many mediocre commentaries. Excellent!

  2. Andy Anderson

    Andy Anderson


    I have had this resource for quite some time, and continually using it in my studies. I have prioritized it into my number one commentary resource within the Logos Library!

  3. Dan Garland

    Dan Garland



  4. Tero Fredriksson
    Default commentary for NT exegesis

  5. Kenneth W. Bowles
  6. Kenneth W. Bowles
  7. Into Grace

    Into Grace


  8. Rob Coblentz

    Rob Coblentz


    Fantastic resource.

  9. Dave Mackey

    Dave Mackey


  10. Helder Cardin

    Helder Cardin




Digital list price: $39.99
Save $9.00 (22%)