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The Authorship of the Fourth Gospel: External Evidences


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A comprehensive yet succinct examination of the authenticity of the Gospel ascribed to John, Ezra Abbot’s The Authorship of the Fourth Gospel: External Evidences presents a compelling defense of the classic understanding of Johannine authorship. Outlining the prevailing arguments against John being the original author of the Gospel, Abbot systematically dismantles these claims before moving forward with evidence of its genuineness. Abbot provides an abundance of support to fortify his assertions, particularly in the thorough exploration of the Fourth Gospel’s use by Justin Martyr. A debate that is still intense and contentious today, Abbot’s work is commonly cited by many contemporary scholars involved in Johannine studies.

Known for his scholarly acumen, Ezra Abbot is widely recognized for his careful and methodical research, as well as his diverse and abundant sources which are indexed here for further assessment. This short but significant volume establishes the proofs of the Gospel of John concisely and definitively and provides valuable insight for students, theologians, pastors, and historians researching the Canonical Gospels.

  • Extensive notes and detailed index
  • Preface and introduction by the author
Nearly all subsequent writers on the subject have acknowledged their indebtedness to this essay.

—Henry William Watkins

Dr. Abbot has been distinguished by his candor, caution, minute accuracy, and sound judgment. The present volume will be considered classical, and will not only maintain, but augment, his high reputation.

—Bibliotheca Sacra Volume 38

Of all that has been written upon this long considered subject, the authorship of “the Fourth Gospel,” this brief volume by Professor Abbot will be accepted by impartial inquirers as the most satisfactory.

—The Baptist Review Volume 2

  • Title: The Authorship of the Fourth Gospel: External Evidences
  • Author: Ezra Abbot
  • Publisher: Geo. H. Ellis
  • Publication Date: 1880
  • Pages: 104

Ezra Abbot was an American biblical scholar.


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    Digital list price: $5.99
    Save $1.00 (16%)