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The Parables of Our Lord

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Diving headfirst into the Book of Matthew, Dods explores the parables recorded by Matthew energetically and assiduously. Each of the 13 chapters begins with a parable, followed by Dods’ astute line-by-line analysis of the Scripture and its possible interpretations, or in some cases, misinterpretations.

Dods also examines the nature of the parable itself and its effectiveness, the nature of man’s free will, and why Jesus chose to communicate the Gospel in such a manner. With Dods’ characteristically keen and piercing acumen, Parables of our Lord provides an exciting and comprehensive study of the parables recorded in Matthew and their enduring impact in the world today.

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  • Detailed table of contents
  • Complete parables from the Book of Matthew

Top Highlights

“If we think with this servant that God is hard, grudging to give and greedy to get, taking note of all shortcomings, but making no acknowledgment of sincere service, exacting the utmost farthing and making no abatement or allowance—if we one way or other virtually come to think that God never really delights in our efforts after good, and that whatever we attempt in our life He will coldly weigh and scorn, then manifestly we shall have no heart to labour for Him.” (Page 261)

“The reason is that the man is occupied with a multitude of other views, and projects, and cares, and desires, and the peculiarly Christian seed does not get fair play. It influences him, but it is hindered and mixed up with so many other influences that the result is scarcely discernible. The peculiarity of a good field of wheat is not the density of the vegetation, but that the vegetation is all of one kind, is all wheat.” (Page 14)

“One truth received thus, brings forth more fruit than all truth merely understood. It is not the amount of knowledge you have, but the use you put it to—it is not the number of good sayings you have heard and can repeat, that will profit you, but the place in your hearts you have given them, and the connection they have with the motives, and principles, and ruling ideas of your life.” (Page 21)

“‘talents’ represent everything over and above natural ability, by which men can advance the interests of the kingdom” (Page 257)

“This is a picture of the preoccupied heart of the rich, vigorous nature, capable of understanding, appreciating, and making much of the word of the kingdom, but occupied with so many other interests, that only a small part of its energy is available for giving effect to Christ’s ideas.” (Page 14)

  • Title: The Parables of Our Lord
  • Author: Marcus Dods
  • Publisher: Oxford University
  • Publication Date: 1883
  • Pages: 276

Marcus Dods (1834–1909) was born in Belford, Northumberland. Dods went on to study divinity and theology at Edinburgh Academy and Edinburgh University, where he graduated in 1854. He is a highly respected scholar, publishing over a dozen books of theology recognized for their expansive critical research.


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Digital list price: $12.49
Save $2.50 (20%)