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The Select Works of Thomas Case spends a majority of its pages talking about suffering and persecution. Case mentions while suffering is difficult, positive things are spoken of those who go through suffering and the result of their sufferings can be a testimony to what Jesus has done in their lives. Through times of suffering, we can learn how to be compassionate to those who are suffering, how to realize that our sufferings are something to be thankful for and realizing they occur reminds us to value and be thankful for what we do have.

In his book, Case discusses the reasons suffering occurs.

  • For righteousness’ sake
  • For the name of Christ
  • For the kingdom of God
  • When they suffer the truth of the gospel may not suffer
  • The gift of God
  • The appearance of the glorious Spirit resting upon them
  • Their baptism for and consecration to their heavenly inheritance
  • The after-sufferings of Jesus Christ, without which Christ’s sufferings, as a body, are not complete; though as a Mediator, they were perfect upon the cross at what time he cried out, “It is finished”
  • Their evangelical perfection, and no wonder, for sufferings were Christ’s perfection
  • A refining pot for their faith
  • The improvement of their graces
  • The enhancement of their glory
  • Their conformity to Christ their Head

In the second half of Case’s book, Case writes about Christ’s resurrection and his role as our mediator. Reading The Select Works of Thomas Case gives you a greater understanding of suffering, how it impacts our lives and how to offer to comfort those who are going through a difficult time. Case also discusses heaven and reminds his readers while losing a loved one is not easy, the thought they are heaven and no longer suffering, brings us comfort.

With the Logos Bible Software edition of The Select Works of Thomas Case, all Scripture passages are linked to the Bibles you own. This makes accessing and reading Case’s work easier than ever before!

The Logos Bible Software edition is taken from the 1836 edition of The Select Works of Thomas Case.

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  • Contains an epistle to the reader at the beginning of each section
  • Written for easy reading
  • Title: The Select Works of Thomas Case
  • Author: Thomas Case
  • Publisher: Religious Tract Society
  • Publication Date: 1836
  • Pages: 410

Thomas Case was born in 1598. He attended Canterbury and Merchant Taylors' School and graduated with a M. A. in 1623. Case held various positions throughout his life. In 1635 he was a preacher at Manchester and Salford, gave lectures throughout London from 1641–42 and was an intruded rector from 1645–46. On May 2nd, 1651, Case, along with William Blackmore, Roger Drake, Matthew Haviland, Arthur Jackson, William Jenkyn, Christopher Love, Ralph Robinson, and Thomas Watson were thrown in jail for knowing about the plan to recall Charles II. Case was a part of the Savoy conference in 1661, but was ejected due to nonconformity in 1662. Case died in 1682.


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Digital list price: $9.99
Save $2.50 (25%)