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Products>God’s Indwelling Presence: The Holy Spirit in the Old and New Testaments (NAC Studies in Bible and Theology | NACSBT)

God’s Indwelling Presence: The Holy Spirit in the Old and New Testaments (NAC Studies in Bible and Theology | NACSBT)

, 2006
ISBN: 9781430080442
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Does the Holy Spirit do the same things now and in the New Testament times that He did in Old Testament times? God's Indwelling Presence: The Holy Spirit in the Old and New Testaments contains valuable information for pastors, advanced Bible students, and other deeply committed laypersons.

God’s Indwelling Presence asks and explores to answer: What are the spiritual differences and similarities between Old Testament and New Testament believers? Did God dwell in Old Testament believers as He does in New Testament believers? Were Old Testament believers born again (that is, experience regeneration)? What do the words indwelling and regeneration mean? How is the Holy Spirit’s ministry similar or different during Old Testament and New Testament times?

Resource Experts
  • Contains an index of all authors, subjects and scriptures referenced
  • Has a list of abbreviations used
  • The Holy Spirit and the Old Covenant Remnant
  • A Survery of the Spectrum of Opinion
  • Not in but with in the Old Testament
  • The Spirit in John
  • The Spirit was not yet Given
  • Regeneration and Indwelling in John
  • Results and Relevance for Today

Top Highlights

“The Old Testament does say that some have the Spirit (see e.g., Num 27:18), but it is by no means clear that this is the experience of every member of the old covenant remnant. The New Testament, on the other hand, indicates that the Spirit regenerates and indwells all believers (see Rom 8:9–11).” (Page 2)

“These high places were probably not places where other gods were worshiped, but places other than the temple in Jerusalem where people sought to worship Yahweh.” (Pages 37–38)

“the indwelling of the Spirit is not the same as regeneration by the Spirit.” (Page 161)

“On the contrary, each time the Old Testament describes someone as having the Spirit, it does so precisely to mark that person out from other old covenant believers.3 The special experience that these persons have with the Spirit empowers them to serve, and the service generally takes the form of national leadership or prophetic office. This extraordinary experience of the Spirit did not grace all who followed in the footsteps of Abraham’s faith prior to the cross.” (Page 26)

“The Old Testament speaks of the Spirit ‘rushing upon’ someone not to describe a conversion experience (e.g., the expression is not used of Abraham or Rahab), but rather the Spirit’s empowering leaders who will deliver the nation.” (Page 31)

Jim Hamilton engages the controversial topic of the Spirit's indwelling with a lively and vibrant style. He has done an outstanding job in assessing the evidence and argues well for his own proposal. Even those who do not agree with all of his conclusions will profit from this careful study of the biblical text.

—Thomas R. Schreiner, James Buchanan Harrison Professor of New Testament, The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary

Here believers are led to understand more fully the powerful resources Christ has given His followers in sending to them the promised Holy Spirit.

—Bruce A. Ware, Senior Associate Dean, School of Theology, The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary

Through careful scholarship, Dr. Hamilton provides an innovative interpretation of the biblical evidence. His study contributes helpfully not only to the ongoing discussion regarding how the two Testaments are interconnected, but sheds new light on the important topic of the Holy Spirit's role in emabling believers from both Testaments to be reconciled to God.

—T. Desmond Alexander, Union Theological College, Belfast

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Dr. Jim Hamilton is Professor of Biblical Theology at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary and Senior Pastor of Kenwood Baptist Church in Louisville, KY. He has written numerous books, including God’s Glory in Salvation through Judgment: A Biblical Theology and What Is Biblical Theology? A Guide to the Bible’s Story, Symbolism, and Patterns. He is also the author of the EBTC commentary on Psalms along with a book on Typology. You can follow him on Twitter @DrJimHamilton


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  1. Sean Harris

    Sean Harris


    I absolutely loved this book this week. Preaching through John, this book was and will be helpful.
  2. David Leslie Bond
    Excellent consideration and summation of exegetical and covenantal insights!
  3. Stevan Atkins

    Stevan Atkins


  4. Greg Wetterlin
  5. Bill Shewmaker

    Bill Shewmaker



Print list price: $24.99
Save $17.00 (68%)