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Bible Study Magazine 2008-2009

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For the first time ever, Bible Study Magazine is offering a bound collection of all of the issues from 2009. Featuring the inaugural issue, as well as back issues, it contains the sold-out issue of January–February 2009, which includes an interview with Kay Arthur. This compilation presents the wealth of an entire year's worth of Bible study information, tips, and interviews with trusted pastors and teachers of Scripture, including book reviews, ideas for devotions, word studies, Biblical humor, and archeological and historical insight. Bible Study Magazine 2008–2009 is perfect for display as well as for study and examination of God's Word.

This collection includes over 350 pages of full color Bible study helps and aids. Bible Study Magazine 2008–2009 is easy to share Bible study with others, or study the Bible on your own.

Available as a print book!

  • Contains all the issues of 2009, plus the inaugural issue 
  • Introduction by Editor-in-Chief, John D. Barry, on better Bible study
  • Includes Scripture index
[A] serious, clearly written [publication] that uses biblical scholarship to illuminate but not refute the principal beliefs of evangelical Protestantism. . . . [It] is to Bible studies what Scientific American is to science or Psychology Today to psychology. A thoughtful bridge between the work of scholars and laypersons looking for a deeper understanding of the biblical texts.

—Steven Black, Library Journal

  • Title: Bible Study Magazine 2008–2009
  • Publisher: Lexham Press
  • Publication Date: 2008-2009
  • Pages: 368
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