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The Gospel-Mystery of Sanctification


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Christians are saved by grace, but how is that salvation manifested in daily life? Sanctification deals with this process of salvation—being united with Christ, living a holy life, and growing in obedience to God.

The Gospel-Mystery of Sanctification has become one of the most influential works on the subject. First published in 1692, Walter Marshall’s treatise has been reprinted continually for more than four hundred years. Generations of Christians have drawn wisdom and inspiration from it, and countless theologians have been influenced by Marshall’s classic work. John Murray called it “the most important book on sanctification ever written” and J. I. Packer has written that it is among the best books written on the Reformed doctrine of sanctification.

Marshall’s work is divided into fourteen sections—each one describing a direction toward Christian holiness. Each section contains a detailed explanation, and draws from Scripture to provide practical insight for daily Christian living.

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The most important book on sanctification ever written.

—John Murray

I think Marshall one of the best writers and the most spirited expositor of the Scriptures I have ever read.

—William Cowper

To those who make living religion their study, and are anxious to grow in grace, and in the knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, Marshall’s treatise . . . rightly used, will be of extensive benefit.

—J. M. Mason

  • Title: The Gospel-Mystery of Sanctification, Opened, In Sundry Practical Directions, Suited Especially to the Case of Those Who Labour Under the Guilt and Power of Indwelling-Sin, To Which Is Added, A Sermon of Justification
  • Author: Walter Marshall
  • Publisher: Southwick and Pelsot
  • Publication Date: 1811
  • Pages: 312

William Marshall was an influential Presbyterian minister in England. He was born in 1628, and entered Winchester College at the age of 11 before enrolling in New College at Oxford. Upon graduation, he became a fellow at Oxford in 1650, and later a fellow at Winchester in 1657. As a preacher, he was deeply influenced by the writings of Richard Baxter and by Thomas Goodwin, with whom he formed a close friendship. Marshall died in 1690.


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Digital list price: $12.49
Save $2.50 (20%)