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Second Temple Judaism Studies Collection (7 vols.)

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The Second Temple Period was an era of profound transformation in the religious and social practices of the Near East. From the experiences of the post-exilic community, to the rise of the Persian, Greek, and Romans empires, the study of Second Temple Period is vital for understanding Judaism, as well as the historical context in which Christianity emerged.

The 7-volume Second Temple Judaism Studies Collection assembles contributions from today’s top scholars in the field. Some studies examine textual issues, such as William M. Schniedewind’s thorough analysis of transition in the prophetic role during the Second Temple period. Other studies are of historical nature, such as Frederick H. Cryer and Thomas L. Thompson’s edited volume on Qumran. This collection also contains Philip R. Davies’ important study on the Damascus Document is an invaluable resource for scholars of the Dead Sea Scrolls. You’ll also find two edited volumes on the period as a whole, featuring more than two dozen contributors. These volumes also contain detailed studies of the Achaemenid Period, the Hellenistic period, and the Hasmonean period.

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  • Contributions from top scholars in the field, such as Philip R. Davies, Lester Grabbe, David J.A. Clines, Thomas L. Thompson, and others
  • Thorough scholarship on the important subfields
  • Studies on textual and historical matters
  • All Scripture references linked to original language texts and English translations in your library (that you own)
  • Title: Second Temple Judaism Studies Collection
  • Publisher: T & T Clark International/Sheffield Academic Press
  • Volumes: 7
  • Pages: 2,135
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  1. Eugene Oleson

    Eugene Oleson


  2. Robert Misst

    Robert Misst


  3. Phillip J. Long
    The books in this collection are a somewhat odd assortment, but they are all valuable contributions to the study of the Second Temple Period. A serious college, university, or seminary ought to own copies of these books. They may not be the types of books the “average reader” will buy since a dissertation tends to be a challenging read. But anyone working in the Second Temple period ought to consider adding one or all of these books to their library. While some of these these books are available in other electronic libraries, these are formatted to the Logos library so that all of the tools of Logos can be used with them, including robust note-taking, highlighting, and copy and paste functions that simply do not exist in the other formats that have little more functionality than reading a PDF. Logos is simply a superior reading platform to Google or Kindle. For me, the fact that Logos places footnotes at the bottom of the page for downloaded books makes Logos a superior reading tool. On the desktop version of Logos, footnotes are clickable links, but the note floats in a window above the text and can be copied like any other text. I posted a detailed review of the collection on my blog:


Collection value: $187.88
Save $52.89 (28%)
Payment plans available in cart