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Theological Education On Demand

Enjoy access to over 50 hours of Mobile Ed for the low price of $49.99 per month! Enjoy full access to Mobile Ed courses from top scholars!

The Mobile Ed Subscription offers the flexibility to view the courses at your own pace anytime, anywhere. Watch on your TV with Roku and Apple TV. Watch on the go on your Android, iphone, or ipad. Watch on any computer on Faithlife TV. Courses are also available to enjoy in Logos Bible Software.

All Mobile Ed content changes quarterly (January , April , July , October ).

Follow the Mobile Ed Lecture Hall for Mobile Ed Subscription content updates, giveaways, and exclusive discounts on courses featured in the Mobile Ed Subscription.

Become a Mobile Ed Monthly Subscription for $49.99 to enjoy access to 50 hours of content or become a Mobile Ed Annual Subscriber for $499.99 to enjoy access to over 200 hours of Mobile Ed! Annual subscribers save $100.

Key Features

  • Enjoy over 50 hours of content
  • Gain full access to featured Mobile Ed courses
  • Trusted teaching from top scholars
  • Works on Mac, PC, Mobile, Apple TV, and Roku
  • Cancel Anytime

Product Details

  • Title: Mobile Ed Subscription
  • Publisher: Lexham Press
  • Product Type: Logos Mobile Education
  • Resource Type: Subscription for courseware, including transcripts, audio, and video resources
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Quarter Four Course List (Beginning 9/30)

BI111 Typological Hermeneutics: Finding Christ in the Whole Bible Peter J. Leithart
BI210 Introducing Hebraic Thought: A Biblical Philosophy of Truth Dru Johnson
CS261 Christian Marriage: The Beautiful Order for Christian Marriage David J. Ayers
NT366 Book Study: Letter of 1 Peter Douglas J. Moo
NT392 Paul the Letter Writer Jeffrey A. D. Weima
OT300 Old Testament Theology Bruce K. Waltke
PC211 The Care of Souls: Cultivating a Pastor’s Heart Harold L. Senkbeil
TH222 Theological Anthropology Marc Cortez
Bible Survey Video Series John Lynn H. Cohick and Ben Witherington III


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  1. Alessandro



  2. Joel Rivera

    Joel Rivera


    La suscripción vale la pena

  3. Cornel Pascu

    Cornel Pascu


    Sorry, I'm not quite sure what I'm paying for if I get this subscription. If I decide to pay for the mobile ed subscription at $49.99 per month, do I get any FREE resources that will "remain" in my library permanently, even if I decide to cancel after, lets say, 2 years? Or is this more like a monthly "rental" scheme where you never get to keep any resources?

  4. Donald G. Fisher
    If I could select any course(s) I wanted to from the Mobile Courses I would sign up in a heartbeat. Even if a person was limited to 3 per month this would be a great way to do this. This is a great idea and here is to hoping that some tweaking might be done on its implementation. By the way I already own 20 of the mobile courses and have enjoyed them immensely.

  5. Wei Qiang

    Wei Qiang


  6. Scott Groethe

    Scott Groethe


    It would be great to see some Church Year/Lectionary courses, you could release them as Fall: Advent-Christmas Winter: Epiphany-Lent Spring Easter-Pentecost Summer-Ordinary Time

    Honestly, can we add any more subscription-based options because I'm not confused enough with these a la carte monthly options that still don't allow me to access what I really need?

  8. Larry Farmer

    Larry Farmer


  9. Anthony Miller Sr
    Have Logos Mobile Education ever considered applying for accreditation? The classes are good. thx

  10. Joe Griffin

    Joe Griffin


    I've been considering sign up for this for some time but I really would like to pick and choose what courses I would receive when they update the courses quarterly. There was a question below that did not get answered that was a good one," How long do you have to finish the courses from the time they are offered that quarter"? July quarter has courses I would like to take: Coming July 1st: AP101 Introducing Apologetics(Bobby Conway) BI201 The Story of the Bible (Michael W. Goheen) CO107 Introducing Biblical Counseling: The History of Counseling (Ian Jones) NT221 The Wisdom of John: A Socio-Rhetorical Commentary on Johannine Literature (Ben Witherington III) NT331 Book Study: Paul's Letter to the Romans (Douglas J. Moo) OT321 Book Study: 1 & 2 Samuel (David T. Lamb) OT391 The Shema (Mark D. Futato) TH215 Trinitarian Theology (Peter J. Leithart)


Collection value: $3,205.48
Save $3,155.49 (98%)
Monthly Access