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Sheffield Old Testament Guides: Ezekiel

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A much-neglected prophet, Ezekiel is nevertheless a key figure in Old Testament religion. Standing where he does, at the great crisis point of Israel’s history, the exile, he confronts the basic questions of whether the nation of Israel can survive, and whether it should. Ezekiel represents the priestly strand in Israel’s thinking, which lays such weight on the temple as the place of the presence of God. How can the nation be sustained when it has been deprived of its traditional place of worship? Ezekiel’s reply is that the presence of God is still available, even in the land of exile, but that the presence is yet to be restored to its proper place in Jerusalem. Like the other volumes in the series, this compact study of Ezekiel will be much appreciated by the student turning to the study of the prophet for the first time as well as the scholar seeking another view of an often-visited subject.

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  • Title: Sheffield Old Testament Guides: Ezekiel
  • Author: Henry McKeating
  • Publisher: Sheffield Academic Press
  • Publication Date: 1995
  • Pages: 124

About Henry McKeating

Henry McKeating was Principal of Wesley College, Bristol.