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Independent Bible Study

, 2012
ISBN: 0802439810

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Few things are more important for a Christian than understanding the Bible. The Bible focuses the believer’s attention on the work of Christ and is God’s revelation to mankind. It tells us what we need to know to grow as Christians and become influential for Christ’s cause in our neighborhoods and communities. Unfortunately, many are unsure about how to study the Bible and keep that study exciting and relevant. To address such needs, Irving Jensen provides help. Using the inductive method of Bible study and an analytical chart to map out the richness of the Bible, he shows how reading God’s Word can be the highlight of your day. God’s design of the Bible is so simple a child can understand much of it, yet so complex that even the greatest scholars can be challenged by it for a lifetime. But just as the traveler must learn to read a road map before he begins a trip, so a Christian should know something about methods of Bible study if his time in the Word is to be consistent and life-changing. Through this book, Jensen makes reading that map much easier.

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Key Features

  • Provides practical advice for personal Bible study, interpretation, and application
  • Increases confidence in the ability to approach the Bible and gain meaningful insight
  • Explains the inductive method of Bible study


  • The Bible, a Literary Masterpiece
    • Unity
    • Selectivity
    • Content and Form
    • Variety
    • Laws of Composition
  • The Inductive Method of Study
    • Description of the Method
    • Aims and Procedures of the Inductive Method
  • Proper Preparation
    • The Student’s Attitude
    • The Student’s Equipment
  • Survey before Analysis
    • Independent Survey
    • Use of Outside Aids
  • Construction of the Analytical Chart
    • Stage One: Preliminaries
    • Stage Two: Talking Text (Textual Re-creation)
    • Stage Three: A Main Topical Study
    • Stage Four: Supplementary Studies
    • Stage Five: Interpretation and Application
  • Benefits and Uses of the Analytical Chart
    • Benefits of the Analytical Chart
    • Practical Uses of the Analytical Chart

Top Highlights

“In some instances a gospel writer is moved to omit an action, apparently to use the effect of contrast, by placing two opposite elements side by side. In the biblical writings the ranges of contrast run through all its intensities, from sharp contrast to mild comparison. A well-known contrast is the description of the two ways of Psalm 1. The nine verses of Acts 9:1–9 portray a violent contrast between the persecuting Saul in his murderous march of authority and the smitten Saul in his meek submission in humility.” (Page 32)

“Our chapter divisions originated with Stephen Langton’s edition of the Latin Vulgate of 1228. The verse divisions are traced back to Robert Stephanus’s Geneva Edition of 1551. Nine years later, in the Geneva version of 1560, each verse was made a separate paragraph.” (Page 26)

“Instead, he was inspired to select only that which would accomplish the divine purpose at hand. He arranged the selected material in the order that would best suit that purpose.” (Page 24)

“1. Radiation: points to a central truth or person.” (Page 31)

“2. Repetition: makes indelible and underscores the importance.” (Page 31)

Irving L. Jensen (B.A., Wagner College; S.T.B., Biblical Seminary; Th.D., Northwestern Theological Seminary), was professor and chairman of the department of Bible at Bryan College, Dayton, Tennessee, and the author of numerous books, including the entire Bible Self-Study Series; Jensen's Survey of the Old Testament; Jensen's Survey of the New Testament; Jensen's Bible Study Charts; Acts: An Inductive Study; Independent Bible Study; and How to Profit from Bible Reading.

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  1. Karen Jensen Collins
    Our family is thrilled that God is using Faithlife/Logos to continue the ministry of Dad's writings 19 years after his welcome into God's presence. I believe Dad would be especially pleased to see this book in particular singled out from the Jensen Collection--because INDEPENDENT BIBLE STUDY was his first published book (1963). It's also my favorite, since it was the textbook in college through which I learned the inductive method of Bible study and how to create those wonderfully colorful analytical charts!


Digital list price: $6.99
Save $1.00 (14%)