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New International Dictionary of the Christian Church

, 1978
ISBN: 9780310591566



The New International Dictionary of the Christian Church is a fascinating encyclopedia explaining the development of the church. This comprehensive reference work traces the development of the Christian church through its first 2,000 years. More than 180 scholars have contributed their expertise, incorporating recent research, archaeological discoveries, and specialized studies. Cross–references and bibliographies of significant works enhance this dictionary's usefulness as a basic source book and study tool.

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  • 180 contributing scholars
  • Nearly 5,000 articles on historical events and present-day trends
  • Analysis of doctrinal developments
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Top Highlights

“A man named John Matthys became leader, claiming that he was Enoch who should prepare the way for Christ by establishing the community of goods and doing away with all law codes. Many hundreds in the city were baptized, and ‘the ungodly’ who would not submit to rebaptism had to flee or be slaughtered. Despite a siege and the death of Matthys, the Münsterites held out for more than a year before the defense collapsed; there followed the slaughter and torture of the defenders. This episode discredited the Anabaptist movement, and a wave of persecution swept the Low Countries. Tens of thousands of Dutch Anabaptists died during the sixteenth century, but from this persecution emerged the Mennonites.” (Page 38)

Nothing is left out of this mammouth-sized dictionary. . . . This dictionary reaches back into the deep and monumental two-thousand year history of Christianity and grasps the principle peoples, places, things, philosophies and theologies, missionaries and musicians, heretics and saints, generals and soldiers, poets and historians, all the way to the kings' courts and the Popes' councils. This dictionary is remarkably useful. . . .

—Online reviewer

J. D. Douglas was the revising editor of The New International Dictionary of the Bible and editor of The New Bible Dictionary. He was editor-at-large for Christianity Today.


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    "The commandment “Thou shalt not murder” is not appropriate to therapeutic abortion, the intention of which is towards the health of the woman, not against the fetus. " Well, OK then. Thank you for providing this gem in the product preview. Money saved.

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