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Dictionary of North-West Semitic Inscriptions (2 vols.)

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The Northwest Semitic epigrapha enriches our understanding of the Old Testament and of the Ugaritic texts, as well as our knowledge of Semitic languages. This dictionary covers the period from 1000 BC to AD 300. Besides translations, the entries discuss scholarly literature and include full references. The book is a translated, updated, and considerably augmented edition of Jean & Hoftijzer’s Dictionnaire des inscriptions sémitiques de l'ouest. The additions concern newly found texts as well as references to new scholarly literature. This is an indispensable tool for research in Northwest Semitic epigraphy, on the Old Testament and on Ugaritic texts, and for Semitic linguistics.

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Key Features

  • Enhances understanding of the Old Testament, the Ugaritic texts, and the Northwest Semitic languages
  • Covers from 1000 BC to AD 300
  • Includes discussions of and full references to scholarly literature

Praise for the Print Edition

It deserves a place in every serious academic library, as well as many personal libraries.

David W. Baker, Ashland Theological Journal

Product Details

About the Authors

J. Hoftijzer is professor at Leiden University in the Netherlands, and is best known for his contribution to Dictionnaire des inscriptions sémitiques de l’ouest.

K. Jongeling is a professor of languages and cultures of the Middle East at Leiden University in the Netherlands. She is also the coeditor of Late Punic Epigraphy.


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  1. Matthew Christian
    Don't blame the publisher- Brill produces products for academic institutions and most of their work is top notch. It is offered here at very good prices in comparison to their list price, plus searchable and more easily utilized in the software. As to the one star rating below? Comparing and open access resource to this is way off base.

  2. Forrest Cole

    Forrest Cole


    I use LOGOS extensively every single day. I am thankful for such resources as this. It may be over priced (I don't know), however I am buying it so I can use it with the ease of LOGOS.

  3. Daniel Andujar

    Daniel Andujar


    Can we have some sample pages please?

  4. Jonathan D. Safren
    The 2-volume Dictionary of North-West Semitic Inscriptions is a must for any scholar in the field, but I will never purchase anything at this exorbitant price. Why should I, when, for example, I downloaded the entire Chicago Assyrian Dictionary from the Oriental Institute free of charge?

  5. David Paul

    David Paul


    I KNEW THIS WAS BRILL AS SOON AS I SAW THE PRICE!!! These people are out of their minds! Everything they publish is about 500% more than exorbitant. I will NEVER buy anything they offer. What a joke. I wish authors would stop using them.


Digital list price: $549.99
Save $330.00 (60%)

Gathering interest