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Christian Family and Contemporary Society

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Christian Family and Contemporary Society analyzes the relationship between family and religion in historical and contemporary contexts. Varied contributors integrate a broad spectrum of geographical, denominational, and interdisciplinary perspectives.

Divided into four parts, this collection of essays first addresses the biblical and patristic background of the family construct, while the second part reveals denominational and ecumenical perspectives on marriage and the family. The third part sketches a sociological profile of the family in some European countries and addresses pastoral and sacramental issues connected with it. The final part places the Christian family in the context of contemporary society.

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Key Features

  • Examines the relationship of marriage, the family, and Christianity
  • Considers this relationship in both historical and contemporary contexts
  • Gathers essays from a diverse group of contributors


  • Editor’s Preface
  • Introduction by John McGuckin
  • Part I
    • “The Synoptic Gospels and Family” by Daniel Ayuch
    • “Pauline Guidelines on Christian Families in the Greco-Roman Social Environment” by Mato Zovkic
    • “The Christian Family According to the Sacred Canons of the Orthodox Church” by Elena Giannakopoulou
    • “Glimpses into the Cappadocian Fourth-Century Family by Gregory the Theologian” by Pablo Argarate
    • “The Christian Family and Its Problems in the Light of St Basil’s Canons: A Pastoral Approach” by Viorel Sava
  • Part II
    • “The Plan of God for Marriage and the Family: A Roman-Catholic Perspective” by Jose R. Villar
    • “Marriage in the Catholic Church and the Problems of Interdenominational Families” by Przemyslaw Kantyka
    • “Marriage and the Family between Tradition/Traditions and Contemporary Life in Orthodox Spirituality” by Nicu Dumitrascu
    • “Catholic and Lutheran Theology of Marriage: Differences and Resemblances” by Piotr Kopiec
    • “Mixed Marriages in the Antiochian Orthodox Church: An Educational Approach to a Pastoral Challenge” by Bassam Nassif
  • Part III
    • “The French Family in All Conditions: From the Best to the Worst?” by Michel Cozic
    • “Families for Objects of Pastoral Care to Builders of Ecclesial Community?” by Thomas Knieps
    • “Families in Finland between Idealism and Practice” by Gunnar af Hällström
    • “The Theology of the Sacrament of Wedding in the Orthodox Church” by Marian Vîlciu
  • Part IV
    • “Discipline and Love: Biblical Roots of Modern Christian Parenting” by María Ágústsdóttir
    • “This Is Our Family: Protestant Perspective” by Margriet Gosker
    • “Orthodox Christian Family in the Present Day Society” by Stefan Florea
    • “New Challenges in Religious Education of Generation Z” by Dana Hanesová
  • Conclusions
  • Bibliography
  • Index

Praise for the Print Edition

The book represents cutting-edge theological scholarship in a pastoral dimension of great urgency for Eastern Europe and the Orthodox world in general. It will have a wide zone of interest for theologians, pastors, sociologists and all interested in the state of family life, especially considered in a religious environment. Mostly, it will serve to be of importance and interest in theological schools, churches, pastoral care programs, and seminary environments.

—John A. McGuckin, Nielsen Professor in Ancient and Byzantine Church History, Union Theological Seminary

This volume would be a suitable acquisition for libraries of theology faculties, ecumenical institutes, as well as national and diocesan seminaries. The topic of interfaith marriage, which is obviously becoming increasingly common in a more globalized world, is to the forefront of current research. This volume has its own distinctive voice, given the broad scope which is not confined to one particular society.

—Carl O’Brien, Alexander von Humboldt Fellow, department of philosophy, Ruprecht-Karls Universitat Heidelberg

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About Nicu Dumitrascu

Nicu Dumitrascu is professor of patristics, mission, and ecumenism at the Faculty of Orthodox Theology at University of Oradea, Romania.

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