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Globalization, Poverty, and International Development

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At the beginning of the twenty-first century, few subjects arouse more passions that the topic of globalization. This is especially true among the different Christian churches and confessions across the globe. Oddly enough, many Christians do not approach the question of globalization through a theological lens. Instead, many of the debates among Christians about the nature and effects of globalization are often pale versions of discussions already occurring among very secular-minded intellectuals and scholars, and sometimes are indistinguishable in tone and emphasis from the anti-globalization rhetoric emanating from much of the political left and political right.

The origins, nature, and implications of globalization—especially for developing countries—are often misunderstood. In this monograph, Lord Brian Griffiths examines the theory and practice of globalization, and underlines its positive influences on wealth-creation and its success in raising millions out of poverty. Griffiths warns, however, that the benefits of globalization are predicated on the culture that it reflects, and urges Christians to work to ensure that globalization reflects the principles of Christian anthropology rather than narrowly secularist alternatives.

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  • Examines the theory and practice of globalization
  • Presents Christians with invaluable insight into the daily economic choice before them
  • Delivers international perspectives on Christian economic principles
  • Provides important modern scholarship that engages both the mind and the heart

Lord Baron Brian Griffiths of Fforestfach has been an International Advisor to Goldman Sachs International Ltd., and House of Lords, United Kingdom, an investment banking firm since 1991. Lord Griffiths was made a life peer at the conclusion of his service to the British Prime Minister during the period 1985 to 1990. Lord Griffiths serves as a director of Times Newspapers Holding Ltd., a newspaper company; and director of DB Schenker Rail (UK) Ltd. (formerly, English, Welsh & Scottish Railways Ltd.), a railroad company. Lord Griffiths served as a director of Herman Miller, Inc., until October 10, 2011. He served as director of The ServiceMaster Company, from 1992 to July 24, 2007.