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The Book Reviews of Charles Hodge

Format: Digital
, 2014


For almost forty years Charles Hodge contributed book reviews to The Biblical Repertory and Princeton Review. Far from the traditional book review, Hodge's critique of the book(s) most times served as a leaping point for discussing various topics, including politics, slavery, ecclesiasal matters, doctrinal discussions, and more. These reviews are just as bold and engaging as the essays Hodge is known for, and this collection contains every review he penned for the The Biblical Repertory and Princeton Review from 1829–1868:

  • Examination of the Review of the American Education Society. To the Editors of the Biblical Repertory, 1829
  • Inquiries Respecting the Doctrine of Imputation, 1830
  • Professor Stuart's Postscript to His Letter to the Editors of the Biblical Repertory, 1830
  • Regeneration, and the Manner of Its Occurrence, 1830
  • The Advancement of Society in Knowledge and Religion, 1831
  • The American Quarterly Review on Sunday Mails, 1831
  • Remarks on Dr. Cox's Communication, 1831
  • Review of Sprague's Lectures to Young People, 1831
  • Hengetenberg's Vindication of the Book of Daniel, 1832
  • The New Divinity Tried, 1832
  • A Commentary on the Epistle to the Romans, with a Translation and Various Excursus. By Moses Stuart, Professor of Sacred Literature in the Theological Seminary at Andover, 1833
  • Lachmann's New Testament, 1834
  • A Narrative of the Visit to the American Churches by the Deputation from the Congregational Union of England and Wales, 1835
  • Notes, Explanatory and Practical, on the Epistle to the Romans; Designed for Bible Classes and Sunday Schools, 1835
  • Slavery, 1836
  • The Greek Testament, with English Notes, Critical, Philological, and Exegetical, Partly Selected and Arranged from the Best Commentators, Ancient and Modern, but Chiefly Original, 1837
  • A Plea for Voluntary Societies and a Defense of the Decisions of the General Assembly of 1836 against the Strictures of the Princeton Review and Others, 1837
  • Facts and Observations Concerning the Organization and State of the Churches in the Three Synods of the Western Reserve, 1838
  • Tracts for the Times, 1838
  • A Brief History and Vindication of the Doctrine Received and Established in the Churches of New England, with a Specimen of the New Scheme of Religion Beginning to Prevail, 1839
  • Decretum Synodi Nationalis Ecclesiarum Reformatarum Galliae initio Anni 1645, de imputatione primi peccati omnibus Adami posteris, cum Ecclesiarum et Doctorum Protestantium consensu, ex scriptis eorum, ab Andrea Riveto collecto, 1839
  • Letters to the Rev. Professor Stuart, Comprising Remarks on His Essay on Sin, Published in the American Biblical Repository, for April and July 1839, 1839
  • Catalogus Collegii Neo-Cæsariensis. Princetoniæ. Typis Roberti E. Hornor, 1840
  • Davies' State of Religion among the Dissenters in Virginia, 1840
  • A Discourse on the Latest Form of Infidelity, Delivered at the Request of the Association of the Alumni of the Cambridge Theological School, on the 19th of July, 1839, with Notes. A Letter to Mr. Andrews Norton, Occasioned By his Discourse before the Association of the Alumni of the Cambridge Theological School on the 19th of July, 1839, 1840
  • A History of the Rise, Progress, Genius, and Character of American Presbyterianism. Together with a Review of the 'Constitutional History of the Presbyterian Church in the United States of America,' By Charles Hodge, Professor in the Theological Seminary at Princeton, NJ, 1840
  • The Substance of a Discourse, Delivered upon the Occasion of the Semi-Centenary Celebration, on the Second Sabbath in December, 1839, before the Presbyterian Church in Cheraw, S. C., 1840
  • 1. A Brief Examination of the Proofs, by Which the Rev. Mr. Boardman Attempts to Sustain His Charge That 'A Large and Learned Body of the Clergy of the Church (of England) Have Returned to Some of the Worst Errors of Popery'; with a Word or Two as to His Attempt, Without Proof, to Cast the Suspicion of Popery on the Protestant Episcopal Church in the United States of America: 2. A farther Postscript to Bishop Doane's Brief Examination of Rev. Mr. Boardman's Proofs: Touching Bishop Kenrick's Letter on Christian Union, 1841
  • 1. The Divine Rule of Faith and Practice; or a Defense of the Catholic Doctrine that Holy Scripture has Been Since the Times of the Apostles the Sole Divine Rule of Faith and Practice, against the Dangerous Errors of the Authors of the Tracts for the Times, and the Romanists, as, Particularly that the Rule of Faith is 'Made up of Scripture and Tradition Together;' &c., in which also the Doctrines of Apostolical Succession, the Eucharistic Sacrifice, &c. are Fully Discussed. 2. A Treatise Concerning the Right Use of the Fathers in the Decision of Controversies in Religion. 3. Not Tradition, but Scripture. 4. The Authority of Tradition in Matters of Religion. 5. Tradition Unveiled, 1842
  • The History of Christianity, from the Birth of Christ to the Abolition of Paganism in the Roman Empire, 1842
  • Sermons on Important Subjects, by the Reverend Samuel Davies, A.M., President of the College of New Jersey. With an Essay on the Life and Times of the Author, 1842
  • 1. The Integrity of our National Union vs. Abolitionism. An Argument from the Bible, in Proof of the Position, that Believing Masters Ought to Be Honored and Obeyed by Their Servants, and Tolerated in, Not Excommunicated from, the Church of God, Being Part of a Speech Delivered before the Synod of Cincinnati, on the Subject of Slavery. September 19th, and 20th, 1843. 2. The Contrast, or the Bible vs. Abolitionism: an Exegetical Argument. 3. A Review of the Rev. Dr. Junkin's Synodical Speech, in Defense of American Slavery, with an Outline of the Bible Argument against Slavery. 4. Line of Demarcation between the Secular and Spiritual Kingdoms, 1844
  • The Claims of the Free Church of Scotland, 1844
  • The Arguments of Romanists from the Infallibility of the Church and Testimony of the Fathers in Behalf of the Apocrypha, Discussed and Refuted, 1845
  • Christ, The only Sacrifice: or the Atonement in Its Relations to God and Man, 1845
  • Principle of Protestantism as Related to the Present of the Church, 1845
  • The Catholic News Letter, St. Louis. 2. The True Catholic, Louisville, 1846
  • Evangelische Kirchen-Zeitung. Herausgegeben von C. W. Hengstenberg, 1846
  • Lectures on Biblical History, Comprising the Leading Facts from the Creation to the Death of Joshua. Designed for the Use of Families, Bible Classes and Young People Generally, 1846
  • Lectures on Mental Philosophy and Theology, 1846
  • The Unity of the Church, 1846
  • 1. Discourses on Christian Nurture. 2. Dr. Tyler's Letter to Dr. Bushnell on Christian Nurture. 3. An Argument for 'Discourses on Christian Nurture,' addressed to the Publishing Committee of the Massachusetts Sabbath School Society, 1847
  • An Earnest Appeal to the Free Church of Scotland, on the Subject of Economics, 1847
  • Lectures on Systematic Theology, Embracing Lectures on Moral Government, Together with Atonement, Moral and Physical Depravity, Philosophical Theories, and Evidences of Regeneration, 1847
  • The Mystical Presence. A Vindication of the Reformed or Calvinistic Doctrine of the Holy Eucharist, 1848
  • The Power of the Pulpit, 1848
  • God in Christ; Three Discourses Delivered at New Haven, Cambridge, and Andover; with a Preliminary Dissertation on Language, 1849
  • The Question of Negro Slavery and the New Constitution of Kentucky, 1849
  • The Theology of the Intellect and That of the Feelings, 1850
  • Conscience and the Constitution, 1851
  • Histoire de l'Eglise Vaudoise, depuis son origine, et des Vaudois du Piémont jusq'à nos jours, avec un appendice contenant les principaux écrits originaux de cette église, 1851
  • Remarks on the Princeton Review, 1851
  • The Conflict of Ages; or, The Great Debate on the Moral Relations of God and Man, 1854
  • The Education Question, 1854
  • History of the Apostolic Church; with a General Introduction to Church History, 1854
  • A Vindication of the Doctrine of the Church of England on the Validity of the Orders of the Scotch and Foreign Non-Episcopal Churches, 1854
  • Eutaxia; or, the Presbyterian Liturgies: Historical Sketches, 1855
  • The Life of Archibald Alexander, 1855
  • The Truth and Life, 1855
  • The Church Review and Register for October 1855, 1856
  • The Elements of Psychology: Including a Critical Examination of Locke's Essay on the Human Understanding, and Additional Pieces, 1856
  • The Inspiration of Holy Scripture, Its Nature and Proof, 1857
  • The Tecnobaptist: A Discourse, wherein an Honest Baptist, by a Course of Argument to Which No Honest Baptist Can Object, is Convinced that Infant Christians are Proper Subjects of Christian Baptism, 1858
  • Sunday Laws, 1859
  • The Testimony of Modern Science to the Unity of Mankind, 1859
  • Christian Life and Doctrine, 1860
  • The First and Second Adam. The Elohim Revealed in the Creation and Redemption of Man, 1860
  • Reid's Collected Writings, 1860
  • The Vicarious Sacrifice, Grounded in Principles of Universal Obligation, 1866
  • Presbyterian Reunion, 1868