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Media Browser

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Browse and filter all Logos Media Collections

With the Media browser tool you can browse through your Logos media to discover brilliant images, slides, and art that will enhance your next presentation. Search through various collections or narrow your results by tags, type, topic, author, and more. With this tool you can refine your searches with helpful filter options which allow you to search through hundreds of images by your favorite authors, historical people, or biblical things. Media Browser lets you automatically add your images to proclaim or PowerPoint or share them in social media using visual copy.

Example: Enter the key term "Ephesians" and browse all of the Verse of the Day art, archeological images, maps, etc. tied to this city.

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Media Browser . . .

  • Enhances presentations with brilliant images, slides, and art
  • Filters Logos media by tag, type, topic, author, and more
  • Explores all the Logos media you own

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    This product is not currently available to purchase.