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Concordance Tool

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Analyze and filter data with faceted search options

The Concordance tool extracts words and data from a particular resource and lists each unique word, lemma, or root as a heading with all the instances in the resource listed underneath. Faceted options like language and search fields help you quickly narrow the list down to just what you’re looking for. Traditional Search helps you find a term that you already know may occur in a resource, but the Concordance lists everything and lets you browse through it whether you already knew it was there or not. Sort headings by frequency to pick out key words. Narrow the Concordance to a specific Bible passage to see how its vocabulary differs from other passages.

Example: Run a root concordance on John 1 to discover key terms like ginomai “origin; birth; existence” (14 times) and orao “see; appear” (11 times) and martys “testify; bear witness” (7 times).

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Concordance Tool . . .

  • Filters data from particular resources with faceted search options
  • Provides filtered search options such as language, headings, and field
  • Allows users to browse unfamiliar biblical topics to retrieve valuable answers

Product Details

  • Title: Concordance Tool
  • Publisher: Lexham Press
  • Publication Date: 2015
  • Resource Type: Feature
This product is not currently available to purchase.