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Gender, Tradition and Romans


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From a gender perspective, Romans differs from many biblical texts. It contains few explicit mentions of gender, no household code, and it has been understood as promoting universalism. However, this volume joins several feminist commentators in showing how crucial Romans is for understanding Paul’s view of gender.

The approach of the “Romans through History and Cultures” project, scriptural criticism, constitutes a special challenge for gender studies of Romans. By affirming the legitimacy and plausibility of diverse interpretations of Romans from a gender perspective, this volume asks: How can the commitment to raising women’s issues be combined with openness towards divergent interpretations? Foregoing this called forth by the history of reception is not an option, because of our moral obligation to be accountable to contemporary female and male readers in cultures around the world. Struggling with this twofold commitment, the authors of this volumes show that in relation to Romans as shared ground one finds traditions either promoting or challenging gender injustice. While Romans remains shared ground, its borders and the borders of the community it envisions become uncertain. Who is included or excluded can be negotiated in different contexts, including those of our time.

The volume is thus divided into three parts: mapping traditions in Romans; challenging gendered traditions in Romans; and gender and the authority Romans. The concluding essays once again ask: Does scriptural criticism really do justice to feminist concerns? Both avenues and obstacles for feminist scholars interpreting Romans are pointed out.

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  • Title: Gender, Tradition and Romans: Shared Ground, Uncertain Borders
  • Editors: Daniel Patte and Cristina Grenholm
  • Publisher: T & T Clark
  • Publication Date: 2005
  • Pages: 297

Cristina Grenholm teaches at University of Karlstad, Sweden. She is author of The Old Testament, Christianity and Pluralism, and an editor of Reading Israel in Romans: Legitimacy and Plausibility of Divergent Interpretations.


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    Digital list price: $48.99
    Save $12.00 (24%)