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Popes and Patriarchs: An Orthodox Perspective on Roman Catholic Claims
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Popes and Patriarchs: An Orthodox Perspective on Roman Catholic Claims


Ancient Faith Publishing 2006

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Popes and Patriarchs presents the Orthodox position on the role of the papacy in an intelligent, easy-to-understand style that will appeal to laypeople, priests, seminary students, and discussion groups. For any dialogue between the Orthodox and Roman Catholic churches to be fruitful, we must first understand our differences. Popes and Patriarchs covers some of the distinctions in theology and worldview that separate the churches of the East from those of the West, focusing primarily on the claims of papal supremacy.

Michael Whelton, a convert from Catholicism to Orthodoxy, discusses some of the theological and historical issues that led him to explore the teachings of the Orthodox Church, including the doctrine of original sin, the influence of medieval scholastic thought on the Western Church, and the modern trend toward evolutionary Christianity. He also examines in depth the true attitude of the early Eastern saints of the Church toward the papacy, an attitude radically different from that frequently attributed to them by Roman Catholic apologists. A final chapter is devoted to typical questions Roman Catholics raise about the Orthodox Church, including a comprehensive discussion of divorce and remarriage.

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Key Features

  • Presents an Orthodox viewpoint on Roman Catholicism
  • Compares the belief systems of Catholicism and Orthodoxy
  • Examines both theological and historical issues
  • Includes answers to frequently asked questions about Orthodoxy


  • A Personal Journey
    • My Anglican Beginnings
    • The Roman Catholic Church
    • The Orthodox Church
    • The Landscape Is Different
  • An Orthodox Perspective on Papal Claims
    • The Petrine Question
    • The Papacy Asserts Its Claims
    • The Eastern Fathers and the Papacy
    • Saint Photius
    • Forgeries
    • Frequently Asked Questions from Roman Catholics

Product Details

About Michael Whelton

Michael Whelton is a British-born Orthodox writer who lives in southwest British Columbia. He is the author of Two Paths: Papal Monarchy-Collegial Tradition, The Pearl: A Handbook for Orthodox Converts, and False Gods: Counterfeit Spirituality in an Age of Anxiety.