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What about Origins?
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What about Origins?


Day One 2010

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This book deals with some of the questions that have taxed the minds of scientists and philosophers for centuries—the origins of the universe, earth, life, species, and humans. In What about Origins? A. J. Monty White shows that the evolutionary explanations that try to explain origins are invariably weak and are unsupported by scientific data. He argues that the ultimate answers to the questions of origins are to be found only in the Bible.

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Key Features

  • Disects the theory of evolution
  • Argues that the answers to questions surrounding origins can be found only in the Bible
  • Provides a comprehensive rebuttal to the theory of evolution


  • The Creator and His Ways
  • Theistic Evolution?
  • Mind the Gap!
  • The Age of the Earth: Biblical Considerations
  • Scientific Dating Methods
  • The Origin of the Universe
  • The Origin of Life
  • The Origin of Species
  • The Origin of Humans
  • General Conclusion

Product Details

About A.J. Monty White

A. J. Monty White converted to Christianity from atheism in 1964, when he was an undergraduate student at Aberystwyth. He studied chemistry and geology, obtaining his PhD in 1970.

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