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Christ’s Second Coming: Will It Be Premillennial?


In Christ’s Second Coming, Brown defines premillennialism as a theory that advocates that Christ will soon come, not to carry on in person and in power the work of converting and saving men, but to close the dispensation of grace and introduce an eternal state of retribution. Instead, Brown advocates the theory that there will be—before Christ’s coming—an estimated thousand years when the Gospel will spread in power among men, and grace will be victorious over the whole earth.

  • Explores the concept of premillennialism
  • Presents a modified postmillennial theory of Christ’s return
  • Surveys and defines pre- and postmillennial theories
  • The Second Advent
    • Christ’s Second Appearing the Church’s Blessed Hope
    • The Hope of the Advent in Relation to the Question of Time
    • the Church, or Mystical Body of Christ, Complete at His Coming
    • All the Means of Grace, and Agencies of Salvation, Terminate at the Second Advent
    • The Same Subject Continued
    • the Kingdom of Christ—Already in Being—Its Millennial Essentially the Same with Its Present Character
    • the Entire Church “Made Alive”—Either by Resurrection or Transformation—at Christ’s Coming
    • Resurrection of all the Wicked at the Coming of Christ
    • Same Subject Continued: The Millennial Resurrection—Literal or Figurative?
    • Judgment of Righteous and Wicked Together—at Christ’s Coming
    • The Conflagration, and the New Heavens and New Earth, at the Coming of Christ
  • The Millennium
    • The Millennium—How Brought About
    • Nature of the Millennium—Not a State of Unmixed Righteousness
    • Nature of the Millenium—Just the Full Development of the Kingdom of Grace in Its Earthly State
    • No Millennial Revival of Jewish Peculiarities
    • No Millennial Mixture of Faith and Sight
    • Way of Salvation No Less Narrow During the Millennium Than Now
    • Millennial Binding of Satan—What It Is Not, and What It Is
    • Leading Features of Latter Day—Its Close, and the “Little Season” to Succeed It, up to the Lord’s Personal Appearing
  • Objections
This is an able and timely work.

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David Brown (1803–1897) was professor of theology at Free Church College in the University of Aberdeen. He served as director of the National Bible Society of Scotland, the Evangelical Alliance, and the Alliance of the Reformed Churches. His works include The Restoration of the Jews, The Apocalypse, and Crushed Hopes Crowned in Death.