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The Faith Once for All: Bible Doctrine for Today

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At its most basic level, the word theology is “God talk,” the Greek theos originally meaning “God” and logos meaning “word, statement, speech, discourse.” God is then the ultimate subject and source of theology. Included in theology is the study of the nature of God himself, Christ, and the Holy Spirit. But theology also includes the scope of the Bible itself: the study of the Word of God subject by subject, like the doctrine of sin, the doctrine of grace, demons, angels, and many others.

In this volume, Dr. Cottrell has written a systematic theology, carefully and thoroughly setting forth an examination of the Bible’s teaching concerning every major subject.

The Faith Once for All is a powerful and dynamic view on Bible doctrine. Doctrine is nothing less than food for the soul, nourishing and strengthening us within. This book is a valuable asset that will serve as the cornerstone of your biblical reference library.

Key Features

  • Extensive bibliography
  • Detailed subject index
  • Complete systematic theology, including the knowledge of God and central doctrines
  • Lengthy discussions of predestination, heaven and hell, the End Times, the tenability of biblical prophecy, and other controversial subjects

Praise for the Print Edition

Dr. Jack Cottrell is one of the most intelligent Bible scholars around…this edition covers nearly all major Bible doctrines from the doctrine of God to the End Times.

—Online reviewer

Excellent book. A great reference book to use for various topics within Christianity. It touches on a lot of the controversial Christian subjects of our day in a very detailed and intellectual way.

—Online reviewer

Dr. Cottrell writes factually and to the point. Agree with him or not, he will tell what he believes and why! He will also explain opposing views and why he believes them to be in error…If you want to develop a deeper understanding of Biblical doctrine then you must read this book.

—Online reviewer

Product Details

  • Title: The Faith Once for All: Bible Doctrine for Today
  • Author: Jack Cottrell
  • Publisher: College Press
  • Publication Date: 2002
  • Pages: 608

About Jack Cottrell

Jack Cottrell is a professor of theology at Cincinnati Bible Seminary. He served on the advisory council for the ESV, and is the author of numerous books, including Faith’s Fundamentals, The Gender of Jesus, Tough Questions, Biblical Answers, and Baptism, a Biblical Study, available in the College Press Biblical Studies Collection (6 Vols.).

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