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The Devil is then, according to Scripture, an actual, living, reasoning being; and, in some way, the embodiment of evil, as God of good; and who can deny it? “Oh,” it is said, “such a thought even, is not in harmony with, or worthy of, the scientific attainments of our enlightened day.” But what has Science to do with such a question? Science is what is known by human research in the various fields of natural phenomena. It has to do, from its very name and nature, with what is knowable, or capable of recognition in some way, by man’s senses; that is, it is limited to, and has to do with ascertainable facts, ascertainable by man’s capacities, without supernatural assistance. The very denial of there being anything beyond the limit of man’s capacities is really, in the truest sense, unscientific, for it is an intrusion into that which, from its very nature, is beyond that limit and how can he assume to know anything, either pro or con, of that? For unless man’s powers are infinite (in which case he is indeed God, and with such claimants argument would be thrown away) they must have a limit. If a limit, then he cannot go beyond that limit, either to deny or assert. And to claim capability for knowing what exists, or does not exist there, since this is clearly unknowable, is utterly unscientific.

-From the Introduction

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Product Details

  • Title: Satan
  • Author: F. C. Jennings
  • Publisher: Galaxie Software
  • Publication Date: 2004

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