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Products>Bibliotheca Sacra Journal (171 vols.) (1844–2014)

Bibliotheca Sacra Journal (171 vols.) (1844–2014)

Digital Logos Edition

This journal bundle fully integrates with the Logos Bible Software Journal Feature and includes specialized tagging by author, passage, and topic. To learn more, visit our Logos Bible Software feature page.

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Gain more than 170 years of biblical, historical, and theological scholarship with Bibliotheca Sacra—the official journal of Dallas Theological Seminary. Enhance your ministry, expand your theological acumen, and deepen your biblical knowledge with articles written by the most respected biblical scholars and theologians of the last century. Contributors include Philip Schaff, B.B. Warfield, S.R. Driver, John F. Walvoord, Charles Spurgeon, H.A. Ironside, Merrill F. Unger, C.I. Scofield, Merrill C. Tenney, Charles Ryrie, Homer A. Kent Jr, Gleason L. Archer, Haddon Robinson, Bruce Waltke, Norman L. Geisler, F.F. Bruce, David F. Wells, David deSilva, Alister E. McGrath, I. Howard Marshall, Sidney Greidanus, Thomas C. Oden, Klyne R. Snodgrass, and John N. Oswalt.

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The Logos editions of Bibliotheca Sacra enhance your study with amazing functionality. The new Journals Section lets you search all of your scholarly journals at once. Search a verse in your guides, and get a list of search results pulled from every journal in your library. Fully integrated into your digital library, the Timeline enables you to instantly contextualize the people, places, and ideas discussed in the journal with thousands of other biblical and world events. Perform powerful searches to instantly gather relevant biblical texts and resources together. Free tablet and mobile apps let you take the discussion with you. With Logos Bible Software, the most efficient and comprehensive research tools are in one place, so you get the most out of your study.


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  1. Ezra Thang

    Ezra Thang


  2. David S. Daniels
    Is there going to be a package for those of us who already purchased Vols. 1-164?
  3. Marvin Ball

    Marvin Ball


    Suggestion: Create and offer a separate, smaller collection of the BibSac Volumes - those published by DTS.
  4. Bob Bolender

    Bob Bolender


    These volume numbers are all messed up. Volumes 1-171 are then expanded out to 183 volumes? Also, the volume numbers don't match the issue numbers. Volume 168 in my library is issues #669, 670, 671, and 672.
This product is not currently available to purchase.