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Paradise Lost (audio)
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Paradise Lost (audio)


Hovel Audio 2006

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Explore the masterwork of seventeenth-century poet, polemicist, and man of letters, John Milton. Paradise Lost is a controversial work that has shaped Western conceptions of angels, demons, Satan, and God. It has been simultaneously venerated and denounced through the centuries. This sweeping epic poem explores the biblical story of the fall of Man and the origin of evil, including the temptation of Adam and Eve, and their expulsion from paradise in the Garden of Eden. Published in 1667, the poem contains over ten thousand lines of blank verse, and helped to establish Milton’s reputation as one of the greatest English poets.

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Key Features

  • Explores various biblical themes such as the fall of Man
  • Contains the epic poem that influenced Western cultural views of angels and demons

Product Details

  • Title: Paradise Lost (audio)
  • Author: John Milton
  • Narrator: Nadia May
  • Edition: Unabridged
  • Publisher: christianaudio Classics
  • Publication Date: 2010
  • Runtime: 9.5 hours
  • Product Type: Audiobook
  • Resource Type: Literature
  • Topic: Classics

About John Milton

John Milton (1608–1674) was a scholarly man of letters, a polemical writer, and an official serving under Oliver Cromwell. His most famous work is his epic poem Paradise Lost.

John wrote at a time of religious flux and political upheaval in England, and his poetry and prose reflect deep convictions and deal with contemporary issues.

Milton’s works appear in their entirety in The Harvard Classics, vol. 4: The Complete Poems of John Milton.

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