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Face to Face with God: The Ultimate Quest to Experience His Presence (audio)

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In his unique teaching style, Pastor Bill Johnson delivers a message to help readers pursue God for greater measures of His presence than they have ever known before. In Face to Face with God, readers will learn:

  • How to “set up an ambush” to apprehend God rather than just waiting on God
  • What it means to enter “the favor of his face,” and how it changes history
  • How to deal with invading thoughts that enter the mind during prayer or meditation time
  • The reward of keeping one’s eyes on the “blesser” instead of reaching for the blessing
  • What happens when God speaks directly as a result of obedience
  • How to move beyond the spiritual plateaus to ride the coming wave of revival

Check out the Faithlife Ebooks edition of Face to Face with God for a text version!

  • Presents advice on how to experience God’s presence
  • Discusses how to remain in the spirit while meditating
  • Offers a Charismatic viewpoint on building a relationship with God
  • The Journey Begins
  • The Favor of His Face
  • Heading to the Promised Land
  • His Manifest Presence
  • Jesus: The Face of God
  • Setting Up an Ambush
  • Never the Same Again
  • Joy: The Reward
  • Reflection of the Face of God
  • A People of His Glory

Bill Johnson is the senior pastor of Bethel Church in Redding, California. A fifth-generation pastor with a rich heritage in the power of the Spirit, he is the bestselling author of When Heaven Invades Earth. Bill and his wife serve a growing number of churches through an apostolic network that has crossed denominational lines, partnering for revival.

Enjoy January's Monthly Sale


Regular price: $12.98
Save $3.89 (29%)