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Classic Studies on John the Baptist (6 vols.)


Study the dramatic ministry and extraordinary life of John the Baptist with the Classic Studies on John the Baptist Collection. The pastors and scholars featured in this collection equip you to examine John’s life using multiple tools, including detailed exegesis of the biblical text, historical analysis, and study of his sociopolitical significance. Biographical portraits that stitch together the Gospel accounts of John’s life are also provided, and present the life of the Baptist in a narrative style that is helpful to readers.

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Key Features

  • Provides multiple tools for studying John the Baptist
  • Examines John’s preaching and his Nazarite lifestyle
  • Stitches together the biblical narratives of John’s life into a comprehensive portrait

Product Details

  • Title: Classic Studies on John the Baptist
  • Volumes: 6
  • Pages: 1,920

Individual Titles

John the Baptist

  • Author: Henry Robert Reynolds
  • Publisher: Hodder and Stoughton
  • Publication Date: 1874
  • Pages: 548

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Learn how the ministry of John the Baptist defined, shaped, and paved the way for the ministry of Jesus. John was a dazzling figure, and the biblical texts that speak about him are few. John’s lifestyle, relationship to Jesus, and unique place in the biblical story, make him one of the most challenging and interesting figures in all of Scripture. Henry Robert’s John the Baptist will guide you through the biblical passages explaining the background of John’s life, his role as a prophet, and his ministry as forerunner to the Messiah.

Henry Robert Reynolds (1825–1890) was a Congregationalist minister, fellow at London University, and professor and president of Cheshunt College. He wrote several books including The Beginnings of the Divine Life, Light and Peace: Sermons and Addresses, and the novel Yes and No.

John the Loyal: Studies in the Ministry of the Baptist

  • Author: Archibald Thomas Robertson
  • Publisher: Charles Scribner's Sons
  • Publication Date: 1911
  • Pages: 315

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Examine the life of John the Baptist with one of the modern era’s most respected biblical scholars. “John was like the morning in the early dawn,” wrote A. T. Robertson—enticing readers to explore the baptist’s unique life in the biblical testimony to him. Cross-referenced with detailed footnotes on Greek terms, Robertson’s volume is both accessible and highly informative. He presents John as the key to Christ, and invites readers to explore the full portrait of John’s life presented in the New Testament.

Archibald Thomas Robertson (1863–1934) was born during the height of the Civil War and grew up in Statesville, North Carolina. He studied at Wake Forest and The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, where he devoted himself to Greek studies. He was appointed Greek instructor as a student, and received his ThM in 1888. Robertson became an associate professor in 1890, and then served as Professor of New Testament Interpretation from 1895 to 1934. He devoted his life to preaching, teaching, scholarly activities, and giving public lectures, many of which have been reproduced in book form. He was a founding member of the Baptist World Alliance, and participated in numerous Bible conferences with Dwight Moody and F. B. Meyer. He wrote The Divinity of Christ in the Gospel of John, A Harmony of the Gospels, and Paul, the Interpreter of Christ.

John: The Baptist, Forerunner, and Martyr

  • Author: J. Elder Cumming
  • Publisher: Marshall Brothers
  • Publication Date: 1850
  • Pages: 112

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Enter the world of John the Baptist through the three main roles which he embodied: baptist, forerunner, and martyr. John paved the way for Jesus, baptized him, and eventually, died for his belief that Jesus was the long-awaited Messiah. John’s whole life was wrapped up in Christ, and J. Elder Cumming’s volume captures this reality in its explanation of each event in John’s life—following the baptist from Elizabeth’s womb, through the desert, into the Jordan, and to the sword of Rome.

J. Elder Cumming (1830–1909) was a Presbyterian minister and served at the Parish Church of St. John, the church in which John Knox sparked the Scottish Reformation. He was he first to propose an end to the Church of Scotland’s patronage by the government, and he wrote many books, including Abba Father, The Church of Scotland, and Through the Eternal Spirit.

The Life and Ministry of John the Baptist

  • Author: Alexander Macleod Symington
  • Publisher: Religious Tract Society
  • Publication Date: 1882
  • Pages: 191

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Written for Christians who are “not perplexed by any doubts as to their Bible being the word of God” Alexander Symington aims to present a full picture of John’s life, ministry, and character, Symington’s draws his readers toward what the baptist himself proclaimed—Jesus Christ. He examines the content of John’s preaching, its relation to the Old Testament, and its place as the basis of the kingdom of God.

Alexander Macleod Symmington (1835–1891) wrote The Story of Esther the Queen, The Elder and His Friends: Christian Friendship Delineated in the Private Letters of John, and Lectures on the Apostles of Our Lord.

John the Baptist: The Forerunner of Our Lord

  • Author: Ross C. Houghton
  • Publisher: Hunt & Eaton
  • Publication Date: 1889
  • Pages: 372

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Follow John the Baptist’s life, moment by moment, as he ignites the spiritual movement that became Christianity. Written in the style of a biography, Ross Houghton’s John the Baptist presents a narrative biography of the biblical material attesting to John’s life. He covers every detail of John’s life, including the background of his prophetic call, John’s Nazarite lifestyle, and his role as the forerunner of Christ.

Ross C. Houghton (c. 1842–1904) was a Congregationalist minister, and president of McKendree College. He served churches in Utica, Buffalo, Cleveland, and Indianapolis. He wrote Women of the Orient, Ruth, The Moabitess: The Ancestress of Our Lord, and At the Threshold: Familiar Talks with Young Christians.

The Ministry of St. John Baptist

  • Author: Henry James Coleridge
  • Publisher: Burns and Oates
  • Publication Date: 1882
  • Pages: 382

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Precisely define the method, message, and mission of John the Baptist. John is one of the most unique characters of the Bible, and his ministry is often treated as one aspect of his larger life—and therefore many subtle components of his ministry are missed. Henry James Coleridge examines each aspect of John’s ministry in detail, using sound exegesis, historical analysis, and theological acumen.

Henry James Coleridge (1822–1893) was a professor of Scripture at the Theological College of St. Bueno’s, North Wales. He served as editor for The Month and The Messenger, for which he also wrote numerous articles and essays. His works include The Sermon on the Mount, The Life and Letters of St. Francis Xavier, and The Preparation of the Incarnation.

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