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Scripture and Tradition in the Church

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In his latest work, popular author Patrick Madrid explores the issue of Catholic-Protestant relations and the possibility of unification. He does this by analyzing the work of one of the greatest twentieth-century theologians—Fr. Yves Congar. Areas covered include Congar’s ecumenical vocation, the Early Church Fathers, the role of the Holy Spirit in the Church’s transmission of the gospel, St. Thomas Aquinas, and even a discussion on Church development if the Reformation had never happened. This comprehensive work will be of great value to all who are interested in Catholic-Protestant relations and to those who pray and work for unity.

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  • Examines Yves Congar’s treatment of the formal versus material sufficiency debate between Protestants and Catholics
  • Discusses Congar’s theology of revelation and its implications for the Protestant principle of Sola Scriptura
  • Explores Congar’s effort to vindicate Catholic teaching on the importance and authority of tradition
  • Introduction: The Problems of Traditio and Sola Scriptura as Barriers to Ecumenism
  • Biographical Overview of Yves Congar, OP
  • Congar’s “Ecumenical Vocation”
  • Congar on the “Anti-Roman Complex” Rampant in Protestantism and Eastern Orthodoxy
  • Sacred Scripture Is Materially but Not Formally Sufficient
  • Sacred Tradition and Its Relationship with Scripture and the Magisterium
  • The Rift between Protestantism and the Catholic Church
  • The Principle of Sola Scriptura according to Luther and Calvin
  • Congar’s Irenic Yet Challenging Critique of Sola Scriptura
  • The Testimony of the Early Church Fathers
  • St. Thomas Aquinas as a Medieval Bridge between the Church Fathers and Trent
  • The Development of Doctrine as a Beneficial Byproduct of Tradition
  • The Scriptural Data Pertaining to the Harmony of Tradition and Scripture
  • The Role of the Holy Spirit in the Church’s Transmission of the Gospel
  • Conclusion:
    • The Enduring Challenge of Opposing Ecclesiologies
    • But What if the Protestant Reformation Had Not Happened?
The relationship between Scripture, tradition, revelation, and authority is a tangled question in dispute between Catholics and Protestants. Patrick Madrid’s scholarly book analyses this question thoroughly, with the help of the best insights offered by Yves Congar OP in the 20th century. These are ongoing and important questions, intelligently articulated by a Catholic mind well-trained through engagement in modern apologetics.

—Peter Joseph, parish clergy, St. Dominic’s, Flemington, Sydney

  • Title: Scripture and Tradition in the Church
  • Author: Patrick Madrid
  • Publisher: Patrick Madrid
  • Publication Date: 2014
  • Pages: 145

Patrick Madrid (born 1960), is an American Catholic author, radio host, apologist, the host of several EWTN television and radio series, and the publisher of Envoy Magazine. He is the author of 16 books and booklets on Catholic themes, including the popular Surprised By Truth series of conversion testimony books. He served as vice president for eight years (1988 through 1995) at Catholic Answers.


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Digital list price: $23.99
Save $5.00 (20%)