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Structured around the four pillars of the Catechism of the Catholic Church, this guide presents the fundamentals of the Catholic faith in a helpful question-and-answer format. Does God exist? How should a Catholic prepare for confirmation? Are the beatitudes truly practical? Why do we not always obtain what we pray for? These and other questions are explored in this revised version, expanded to include the changes in the Roman Missal.

Whether you are learning the Faith, growing in your faith, or passing on your faith to others, this volume captures Catholic Church teaching in a concise and approachable way. Referencing current social issues—including contraception, abortion, euthanasia, capital punishment, evolution, terrorism, pornography, same-sex marriage, and divorce—Basic Catechism offers valuable teaching on challenges facing Catholics in today’s society.

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  • Examines the four pillars of the Catholic Faith
  • Addresses contemporary social issues from a Catholic perspective
  • Offers basic prayers and guidelines for Christian living
  • The Profession of Faith
  • The Celebration of the Christian Mystery
  • Life in Christ
  • Christian Prayer
With the publication of the 8th revised edition of Basic Catechism, Pauline Books & Media has once again provided us with a doctrinally sound and reader-friendly basic resource for anyone seeking to learn (more) about the Catholic faith. This is a great tool, especially for use by parents and catechists.

—Richard J. Malone, ThD, STL, bishop of Buffalo

The Catholic Faith is big, beautiful, and mysterious. We can often feel like a traveler in a strange land as we explore it. Sr. Mary Lea Hill and Sr. Helen Wallace provide a wonderful service for both converts and cradle Catholics alike in this accessible guidebook for the wanderers and adventurers who seek to answer the call of Jesus from the heart of the Church.

Mark P. Shea, author, Salt and Light: The Commandments

Sister Mary Lea Hill, FSP, and Sister Helen Wallace, FSP give us a comprehensive explanation of the Catholic faith and a guide to living a faith-filled life that will benefit the scholar, the seeker, and all in between. The detailed, but easy to read, description of the Mass and the vestments and vessels used at Mass make this ideal for RCIA groups, but it belongs on the shelf of any serious Catholic.

—Susan Abbott, director, Office of Religious Education, Archdiocese of Boston

  • Title: Basic Catechism
  • Authors: Mary Lea Hill and Susan Helen Wallace
  • Publisher: Pauline Books & Media
  • Publication Date: 2013
  • Pages: 272

Mary Lea Hill is a sister in the Daughters of St. Paul. She served as director of audiovisual productions for Pauline Books & Media in the early 1980s, and has edited, coauthored, and written several books, including the Saints Alive! series.

Susan Helen Wallace is a sister in the Daughters of St. Paul. She holds a BA in catechetics from Notre Dame College in Cleveland, Ohio, an MA in Catholic doctrine from St. John’s University, Queens, New York, and an MS in journalism from Boston University. She has written several books for both children and adults, and has contributed to the Encounter the Saints series.


Digital list price: $9.95
Save $2.00 (20%)

Almost funded