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Logos 5: Timesaving Tips

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At least two types of drivers exist in cities: visitors and locals. Visitors stay on the main roads waiting in traffic and at traffic signals. Locals bypass traffic, taking timesaving shortcuts. Both arrive at their destinations, one just a bit faster. Likewise, with Logos Bible Software, you can stay on the routine routes or take the shortcuts. Both get the job done, but one is far more efficient.

Morris Proctor, the authorized trainer of Logos Bible Software, is definitely a local. He knows the ins and outs of Logos, so he can get you where you want to go, quicker and easier. MP Seminars is pleased to announce the release of Logos Timesaving Tips.

With more than 100 short videos displayed right in your Logos Bible Software, Morris equips you to use timesaving shortcuts in your daily use of Logos. His clear, down-to-earth teaching style along with enhanced video screenshots will have you maneuvering the back roads of Logos in no time at all.

You’ll learn to:

  • Keep the homepage closed when you clear the screen
  • Prioritize multiple books at once
  • Update a layout with a shortcut
  • Open books without going to the library
  • Organize favorites
  • Create your own shortcuts for highlighting text
  • And much more!

Not only is Morris the authorized trainer of Logos, he uses the software for his own Bible study and sermon preparation. Many of the timesaving shortcuts come right out of his personal use of Logos. You’re getting a glimpse into his own application of the software!

While these tips are not designed to completely train you in Logos, by utilizing many of these shortcuts you’ll be working with Logos like never before. The more tips you use, the more time you’ll save!

Key Features

  • 100+ timesaving tips to enhance your use of Logos Bible Software
  • Downloadable resource integrates with your Logos library
  • Screen highlights and callouts make it easy to follow instructions
  • Pause when you need to—work at your own pace


  • Home Page—7
  • Guides—7
  • Bible Facts—5
  • Text Comparison—1
  • Timeline—2
  • Library—5
  • Tagging—2
  • Opening Books —4
  • Command Box—1
  • Shortcuts Bar—4
  • Reading Books—19
  • Highlighting—3
  • Managing the Screen—7
  • Bookmarks—4
  • Favorites—3
  • Layouts—2
  • Cross References—3
  • Searching—15
  • Documents—4
  • Bibliography—2
  • Clippings—4
  • Notes—1
  • Passage List—3
  • Prayer List—2
  • Reading Plan—1
  • Visual Filter—1
  • Word List—1

Numbers listed indicate the number of video segments in each section.

Product Details

  • Title: Logos Timesaving Tips
  • Author: Morris Proctor
  • Publisher: MP|Seminars
  • Publication Date: 2014
  • Version: Logos 5

About Morris Proctor

Morris Proctor is the certified and authorized trainer for Logos Bible Software. He has been a pastor and expository teacher for more than 20 years. Logos Bible Software revolutionized his personal study so he is now devoting his time through his company, Morris Proctor Seminars, to train Logos users to realize its full potential. Morris has written several Quick Reference Training Manuals and conducted training seminars and sales demonstrations around the country. He has trained hundreds of users from beginners to advanced including pastors, Christian educators, military chaplains, professors, students, and more.