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The Defense of the Faith, Abridged Edition

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, 1967


In this book, a revision and abridgment of an earlier work, Van Til seeks to discover the most biblical and effective way to present Christ to unsaved people. He writes in the introduction, “First, the main contents of the gospel of grace is briefly set forth in terms of theology (Chapter 1). Then this same gospel is set forth in terms of philosophy (Chapters 2–4). Finally, this gospel is presented to the ‘natural man’ in order that he might be saved (Chapters 5–11).” Along the way, Van Til contrasts his position with that of Roman Catholicism and the neo–orthodoxy of Karl Barth and his followers.

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Publisher’s note: “This edition is less comprehensive in scope than the original. However, the omission in this printing of material dealing with men who are little known outside of Christian Reformed circles, will actually increase the value of this work for textbook use in seminaries, Bible schools, and university philosophical departments. Actually the main argument of the author is more readily available."

  • Revised and abridged by R. J. Rushdoony and R. G. DeMoss. Chapters 10–12 and 14 were deleted; chapter 9 was condensed.
  • The Defense of the Faith is among his most noted writings.
  • Publisher: P&R
  • Publication Date: 1967

About Cornelius Van Til

Dr. Cornelius Van Til, served as a professor of apologetics at Westminster Theological Seminary, Philadelphia, for 43 years. He retired in 1972, but remained as an emeritus professor until his death in 1987. Van Til, an immigrant from The Netherlands, was one of the most respected apologetic theologians of his time.

Van Til earned degrees from Calvin College, Princeton Theological Seminary, and Princeton University on his way to becoming an Orthodox Presbyterian Minister. He served throughout the ministry and scholarly fields, including teaching as an instructor of apologetics at Princeton Theological Seminary and being heavily involved with the foundation of the Philadelphia-Montgomery Christian Academy.

Other ther most noted writings include The New Modernism, and Christianity and Barthianism. Much of his work with apologetics focuses on the presuppositions of humans, the difference between believers and non-believers, and the opposition between Christian and non-Christian worldviews.

More information about Van Til as a teacher and Reformed theologian is available in an article Eric Sigward wrote for New Horizons entitled "Van Til Made Me Reformed." Read the article as HTML or PDF (copyright 2004 by  New Horizons; used by permission)

  • Title: The Defense of the Faith—Abridged Edition
  • Author: Cornelius Van Til
  • Publisher: P&R
  • Print Publication Date: 1967
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