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Bishop Sarapion’s Prayer-Book

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Bishop Sarapion’s Prayer-Book was originally written around AD 350 by Sarapion of Thmuis, a contemporary of St. Anthony and St. Athanasius. The prayer-book has a voice of its own, though some scholars suggest that “the language of these prayers exhibits a close correspondence with the liturgy of St. Mark.” The prayers included in this text were written for the use of bishops, and remain important liturgical documents. John Wordsworth provides thorough introductory material explaining the style, origin, and significance of the text, putting the prayers into proper context.

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Key Features

  • Significant liturgical documents of the early church
  • Written by a contemporary of St. Athanasius and St. Anthony
  • Thorough introductory material explaining the style, origin, and significance of the text

Praise for the Print Edition

This is the most important addition to early Christian literature made in this century. It is of far greater importance than the ‘Teaching of the Apostles.’

The Church Eclectic

It is a liturgical document of first-rate importance.

—John Wordsworth, translator


  • Eucharistic Anaphora
  • Baptismal Prayers
  • Ordination Prayers for Deacons, Presbyters, and a Bishop
  • Blessing of Oils: before Baptism; Chrism; Oil, Bread, and Water for the Sick
  • Commendation of the Dead
  • Pro-Anaphoral Prayers: Prayers of the Catechumens; Prayers of the Faithful; Offertory; Benedictions of Catechumens, Laity, Sick People

Product Details

  • Title: Bishop Sarapion’s Prayer-Book
  • Author: Sarapion of Thmuis
  • Translators: G. Wobbermin and John Wordsworth
  • Publisher: SPCK
  • Publication Date: 1899
  • Pages: 104

About Sarapion of Thmuis

Sarapion of Thmuis was bishop of Thmuis in the fourth century. Sarapion was a contemporary of St. Anthony and St. Athanasius.

About John Wordsworth

John Wordsworth (1843–1911) was the son of Bishop Christopher Wordsworth, and the nephew of both William Wordsworth the poet and Right Reverend Charles Wordsworth. In 1885, he became the bishop of Salisbury. His other works include The Gospel according to St. Matthew, Fragments and Specimens of Early Latin, and Old Latin Biblical Texts.

Sample Pages from the Print Edition