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A Study Commentary on John, vol. 1: Chapters 1–12


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The Gospel of John has been called “the most amazing book that was ever written.” Like no other book of the Bible, it contains the entire message of God’s Word in microcosm. It takes us from eternity to eternity and shows the centrality of Jesus Christ to our lives, to human history and to the meaning of the cosmos itself. For that reason, it must be at the very core of the preaching and evangelistic ministry of the Christian church. People need to hear and understand the message of the cross as expounded by John.

In this commentary, which arises from preaching through John’s Gospel several times in the course of over a quarter of a century of pastoral ministry, Gordon Keddie’s approach is thoroughly expository and keeps the focus on the proclamation of Jesus Christ to the heart, mind, and conscience of the reader. This volume will prove helpful, not only to preachers, but to all who want to be gripped and molded by the brilliance and clarity of this marvelous Gospel and the Savior it so winsomely proclaims.

Resource Experts
  • Includes a study outline of the most important topics in the book
  • Provides verse-by-verse commentary
  • Examines the authorship and context of the book of John
  • Who is Jesus? (1:1–5)
  • The True Light (1:6–13)
  • God Became Man (1:14–18)
  • The Lamb of God (1:19–34)
  • They Followed Jesus (1:35–51)
  • Water into Wine (2:1–11)
  • Cleansing the Temple (2:12–22)
  • ‘You Must Be Born Again’ (2:23–3:15)
  • Amazing Love (3:16–21)
  • A Witness for Christ (3:22–36)
  • The Living Water (4:1–29)
  • Fields White for Harvest (4:31–42)
  • Prophet without Honour (4:43–5:18)
  • Jesus and the Father (5:19–47)
  • The Food that Lasts (6:1–34)
  • ‘I Am the Bread of Life’ (6:35–71)
  • Indications of Need (7:1–36)
  • Invitation to Life (7:37–52)
  • ‘Go and Sin No More’ (7:53–8:11)
  • The Light of the World (8:12–29)
  • ‘The Truth Shall Make You Free’ (8:30–47)
  • ‘Before Abraham Was, I Am’ (8:48–59)
  • Light for the Blind (9:1–41)
  • The Good Shepherd (10:1–21)
  • ‘Tell Us Who You Are!’ (10:22–42)
  • The Resurrection and the Life (11:1–37)
  • The Raising of Lazarus (11:38–57)
  • A Unique Gift (12:1–11)
  • The Seed Must Die (12:12–36)
  • Why Jesus Was Rejected (12:37–50)

Top Highlights

“They were, so to speak, on Satan’s wavelength. They wanted to do ‘his desires’. Just look at the evidence:” (Page 350)

“His leading concern is to distinguish the true shepherd from the false” (Page 387)

“They were praise-seekers, and utterly self-centred.” (Page 241)

“Merely ‘going to church’ is no substitute for knowing the Lord. Any slave to sin can give a show of religion, but only a true believer will ‘dwell in the house of the Lord for ever’” (Pages 343–344)

“Siloam means ‘sent’ and is the same as ‘Shiloh’, in connection with which we have the Messianic promise in Genesis 49:10” (Page 372)

  • Title: A Study Commentary on John, vol. 1: Chapters 1–12
  • Author: Gordon J. Keddie
  • Publisher: Evangelical Press
  • Publication Date: 2001
  • Pages: 511

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Gordon J. Keddie is a pastor at Southside Reformed Presbyterian Church in Indianapolis, Indiana. He graduated from the University of Aberdeen (BSc) and Edinburg (DipEd). He received his MDiv from the Reformed Presbyterian Theological Seminary and has written several books, including You Are My Witnesses: The Message of the Acts of the Apostles and The Practical Christian: The Message of James.


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    Digital list price: $21.99
    Save $4.00 (18%)