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A Study of Genesis 22
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A Study of Genesis 22


Gary Staats 2010

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Gary Staats parallels the account of Abraham’s willingness to sacrifice Isaac with Christ’s sacrifice in this Old Testament study. Using Genesis 22 as the basis for a Hebrew grammar lesson, he explicates the original Hebrew text word by word. He breaks each verse into a five-part description composed of the original Hebrew text, a vocabulary list, a grammar lesson, an English translation, and an application or interpretation of how the verse applies to Christian theology.

Logos Bible Software dramatically improves the value of this volume by enabling you to find what you’re looking for with unparalleled speed and precision. In the Logos edition, this volume is completely searchable—Scripture passages appear on mouse-over and link to the original-language texts and English translations in your library. This makes this volume more powerful and easier to access than ever before. Search by topic or Scripture reference—finding, for example, every mention of “body” or “faith.”

Key Features

  • Verses broken down into five-part grammar lessons
  • Connections between Old and New Testament theology
  • Application and interpretation of the biblical text

Product Details

  • Title: A Study of Genesis 22
  • Author: Gary Staats
  • Publisher: Gary Staats
  • Publication Date: 2010
  • Pages: 45

About Gary Staats

Gary Staats is the Gale and Harriette Ritz Professor of Old Testament at Winebrenner Theological Seminary. An American Baptist minister, he has taught and pastored for almost 40 years. He has also written numerous ebooks on Christological Hebrew grammar, Christological Greek grammar, Old and New Testament exegesis, and biblical theology.

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