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The Life of St. Severinus


The Life of St. Severinus is a time-honored work that, by looking at the life of St. Severinus, opens a window into the early medieval period. Witten by his disciple, Eugippius, this account of St. Severinus’ life follows the saint along the Danube and through Bavaria as he preached, prophesied, and performed miracles, winning many to Christianity. This fascinating tale includes accounts of the redemption of captives, defeat of enemy armies, healing of the sick, rescue from famine, and more. It also illuminates the mode of St. Severinus’ life, his character, humility, and asceticism, and his prediction of his own death and the miracles ascribed to him in his eventual resting place in Naples, Italy.

This book is an excellent choice for anyone interested in early medieval history and the lives of the saints. Appendixes include a Latin hymn in praise of St. Severinus, a list of other editions and translations of his biography, and a chronological table to provide context with other world events.

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  • Fascinating insight into early medieval life
  • Detailed narrative by a respected scholarly author from the period
  • A Latin hymn in praise of St. Severinus
  • Letter of Eugippius to Paschasius
  • Table of Chapters
  • The Life of Saint Severinus
  • Letter of Paschasius to Eugippius
  • Title: The Life of St. Severinus
  • Author: Eugippius
  • Translator: George W. Robinson
  • Publisher: Harvard University
  • Publication Date: 1914
  • Pages: 154

Eugippius was an early medieval disciple of St. Severinus of Noricum. Most of what is known of Eugippius comes from his biography of his teacher. After Severinus’ death in AD 482, Eugippius took his body to Italy, and established the Castellum Lucullanum monastery in Naples. He wrote several scholarly works, including a thousand-page anthology on the writings of St. Augustine that remained popular through the Middle Ages.

About St. Severinus of Noricum

St. Severinus of Noricum (c. AD 410–AD 482) is venerated as a saint in the Roman Catholic Church. He was born in either Africa or southern Italy, but not much is known about St. Severinus until he appeared in the region of the Danube in Noricum and began a ministry of preaching Christianity. He is said to have performed many miracles and prophesied an attack on Austria by Attila the Hun that devastated the region. He cared for the poor and displaced, and worked to reestablish spirituality and learning in the area destroyed by the Huns. After his death, he was taken to Italy and laid to rest there.