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Peake’s Commentary on the Bible

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Peake’s Commentary on the Bible is an extensive commentary that provides readers with a simple way to access respected works of biblical criticism, interpretation, history, and theology from the nineteenth century. Peake’s Commentary covers each section of the Bible. Additional relevant sections of biblical study include, “The Language of the New Testament,” “The Roman Empire in the First Century,” “The Holy Land,” “Weights, Measures, Money, and Time,” “Contemporary Jewish Religion,” and many more. University of Manchester scholar Arthur S. Peake edited this text, which bears his name. Other contributors include George G. Findlay, Samuel Holmes, and James Moffatt.

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Key Features

  • Nearly 100 scholarly biblical commentaries
  • 50 contributing authors, representing diverse perspectives
  • A wealth of biblical knowledge in one convenient volume

Product Details

  • Title: Peake’s Commentary on the Bible
  • Editor: Arthur S. Peake
  • Publisher: Thomas Nelson and Sons
  • Publication Date: 1920
  • Pages: 1,056

About Arthur S. Peake

Arthur S. Peake (1865–1929) was a professor of biblical exegesis at the University of Manchester. His other works include The Problem of Suffering in the Old Testament.