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Writings and Translations of Myles Coverdale, Bishop of Exeter


In the preface to The Letters of the Martyrs, Myles Coverdale asks the following question about the courageous authors whose letters are contained in this volume: “How could they be so patient, so quiet of mind, so cheerful and merry in adversity and strait captivity?” The Letters of the Martyrs includes inspirational and moving letters from over 20 men executed for preaching and teaching the Gospels of Christ. Each letter contains a brief explanation about the letter writer’s relationship to the addressee as well as a brief synopsis of the letter’s contents.

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  • Includes letters from over 20 men who were killed for teaching the Gospels of Christ
  • Contains explanations about the author’s relationship to the addressee
  • Analyzes the attitudes of the authors
  • Letters of Doctor Cranmer
  • Letters of Doctor Ridley
  • Letters of Master Rooper
  • Letters of Doctor Taylor
  • Letters of Master Laurence Saunders
  • Letters of Master Philpot
  • Letters of Master Bradford
  • Letters of Master Whittell
  • Letters of Master Robert Samuel
  • Letters of Master John Rullper
  • Letters of Master Robert Glober
  • Letters of Master Robert Smith
  • Letters of Master Bartelet Green
  • Letters of Master John Careless
  • Letters of Master John Marsh
  • Letters of other Men
  • Title: The Letters of the Martyrs: Collected and Published in 1564
  • Author: Myles Coverdale
  • Publisher: John F. Shaw
  • Publication Date: 1837
  • Pages: 531

Myles Coverdale(1488—1569) was educated at Cambridge and known for his work in translating the Bible into the English vernacular, producing the first complete Bible in English in 1535. He became bishop of Exeter in 1551, but fled during the Reformation. Coverdale spent time living and working in Germany, Switzerland, and Denmark before settling in London as the rector of St. Magnus.