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New Testament Studies, vol. 2: The Sayings of Jesus


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“In St. Matthew are found about 112 words, and in St. Luke (without the Acts) about 261, which occur in these gospels and do not occur elsewhere in the New Testament.” Harnack prefaced New Testament Studies, vol. 2: The Sayings of Jesus with those words, analyzing the instances of each of those words within those two gospels. Adolph Harnack’s linguistic and historical investigation of Matthew and Luke are thought-provoking and provide a fresh way to see the words of Jesus as told in those two New Testament resources.

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Resource Experts
  • Examines the second source of Matthew and Luke and its relativity to Mark
  • Provides material well suited for students and pastors
  • Contains thoughtful analysis and research of the text in Matthew and Luke
  • The Analysis and Textual Investigation of the Non-Markan Sections Common to St. Matthew and St. Luke
    • The Sections Almost Verbally Identical
    • The Sections Where the Differences Are Greater
  • Linguistic and Historical Investigation of the Non-Markan Sections common to St. Matthew and St. Luke
    • The Text
    • (a) Vocabulary, (b)Grammar and Style
    • The Formal Characteristics of the Subject-Matter
    • The Order of the Sections
    • Can We Discover Any Trace of Q in the Matter that Is Peculiar to St. Matthew or to St. Luke, or in Indirect Evangelic Tradition?
    • The Essential Characteristics of the Contents of Q. A Comparison of Q with the Gospel of St. Mark
    • The Origin and Historical Value of Q
  • Title: New Testament Studies, vol. 2: The Sayings of Jesus
  • Author: Adolph von Harnack
  • Translator: J. R. Wilkinson
  • Publisher: G. P. Putnam’s Sons
  • Publication Date: 1908
  • Pages: 400

Adolf von Harnack (May 7, 1851–June 10, 1930), was a German theologian and prominent church historian. He produced many religious publications from 1873–1912. Harnack traced the influence of Hellenistic philosophy on early Christian writing and called on Christians to question the authenticity of doctrines that arose in the early Christian church.


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    Digital list price: $12.49
    Save $2.50 (20%)