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The Moslem Christ
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The Moslem Christ


American Tract Society 1912

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The Moslem Christ is an essay on the life, character, and teachings of Jesus Christ according to the Qur’an and the Orthodox traditions. Islam is the only of the great non-Christian religions which gives a place to Christ in its book, and yet it is also one of the non-Christian religions which denies His deity. This volume provides a gateway to understanding what Islam teaches about Christ and ends with a chapter on how to preach to Muslims about Christ with this knowledge.

Nicknamed the “Apostle to Islam,” for nearly 40 years Samuel M. Zwemer lived and worked in the Middle East, preaching the Gospel of Jesus and training hundreds of missionaries. Founder and editor of The Moslem World, Zwemer—familiar with the land, language, and people of Islam—provided a window into a growing religion and culture that few Westerners knew. Zwemer’s legacy as one of the finest Christian scholars of Islam is still recognized today.

In the Logos edition, all Scripture passages in Arabia: The Cradle of Islam are tagged and appear on mouse-over. What’s more, Scripture references are linked to the wealth of language resources in your Logos library. If you own the English and Arabic Qur’an, you can follow along with Zwemer in his analysis of Islamic doctrine and his studies comparing Islam to Christianity. This makes these texts more powerful and easier to access than ever before for scholarly work or personal Bible study.

Key Features

  • Examines the life, character, and teachings of Jesus Christ according to the Qur’an and the Orthodox traditions
  • Investigates the character of Christ according to Islam
  • Provides evangelism tools for reaching Muslims


  • His Names and Their Significance
  • The Koran Account of His Life, Death, and Translation
  • Jesus Christ According to Tradition, from His Birth to His Public Ministry
  • Jesus Christ According to Tradition, from His Public Ministry to His Second Coming
  • The Person and Character of Jesus Christ
  • His Teaching
  • Jesus Christ Supplanted by Mohammed
  • How to Preach Christ to Moslems Who Know Jesus

Praise for the Print Edition

Dr. Zwemer had good qualifications for undertaking this most useful task: a sense of its importance; a thorough knowledge of whatever had been written by any western author on the subject; and a knowledge of Arabic that gave him first-hand access to what Moslem books—the Koran, Hadith, and later legend-spinners—contain thereon.

International Review of Missions

Product Details

  • Title: The Moslem Christ
  • Author: Samuel M. Zwemer
  • Publisher: American Tract Society
  • Publication Date: 1912
  • Pages: 198

About Samuel M. Zwemer

Samuel Marinus Zwemer (1867–1952) was born in Vriesland, Michigan and educated at Hope College, New Brunswick Theological Seminary, Muskingham College, and Rutgers College. Zwemer served as a missionary in the Middle East from 1891–1929 where he earned his nickname “The Apostle to Islam.” In 1929, he was appointed professor of missions and professor of the history of religion at Princeton Theological Seminary. He retired from Princeton College Seminary at the age of 70.

Zwemer was the founder and edited The Moslem World for 35 years and the author of dozens of books, articles, essays, and periodicals—mostly revolving around missionary work and Islam.

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