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The Bible Jesus Interpreted: Seeing Jesus in the Old Testament

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In The Bible Jesus Interpreted: Seeing Jesus in the Old Testament, authors Jon Paulien and Hans K. LaRondelle share their vision of the Bible that Jesus knew—what is now known as the Old Testament. Throughout the four Gospels, Jesus introduced new ways of reading the Old Testament. Coming from the Father, Jesus was essentially the author of the Old Testament, and therefore the appropriate interpreter. This book examines how closely Jesus’ religion resembles that of Old Testament Israel, as well as ways in which they differ, and explores how the New Testament reveals the Old Testament’s full potential.

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Key Features

  • Unites two of Jesus’ teachings: his Messianic claims, as well as his unconventional interpretation of the Old Testament
  • Examines the relationship between the Old and New Testaments
  • Traces the Hebrew roots of Christ’s language to reveal a more Christ-centered interpretation of Scripture


  • Introduction
  • The Purpose of the Bible
  • The Need for Principles of Bible Interpretation
  • Christ-Centered Hermeneutics
  • Allegorical Interpretation
  • Christian Typology
  • The Contribution of the Reformers in Understanding the Bible
  • The Biblical Perspective of Redemptive History
  • How Jesus Applied Apocalyptic Prophecies to His First Advent
  • The Sign of the Second Advent of Christ
  • Understanding the Apocalypse
  • The Good News of Armageddon
  • The Voice of Elijah Today
  • The Devotional Use of Holy Scripture
  • Bibliography

Product Details

  • Title: The Bible Jesus Interpreted: Seeing Jesus in the Old Testament
  • Authors: Jon Paulien and Hans K. LaRondelle
  • Publisher: Logos Bible Software
  • Publication Date: 2013
  • Pages: 225

About the Authors

Jon Paulien is a Seventh-day Adventist (SDA) theologian, writer, and professor. He received his MDiv and PhD from Andrews University, and was professor of New Testament interpretation at their Seventh-day Adventist Theological Seminary for over 20 years before taking on his current position as dean of the faculty of religion at Loma Linda University in California in 2007. He has written many books, including Everlasting Gospel, Ever-Changing World and John: The Beloved Gospel.

Hans K. LaRondelle (1929–2011) was professor of theology at Andrews University in Berrien Springs, Michigan. Born and educated in Holland, he attended Utrecht State University and completed a ThD in systematic theology at the Reformed Free University in Amsterdam. He wrote several books, including Christ Our Salvation: What God Does for Us and in Us.


Digital list price: $9.99
Save $2.00 (20%)