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Products>The Whole Works of Thomas Boston, Vol. 3: Sermons, Part 1

The Whole Works of Thomas Boston, Vol. 3: Sermons, Part 1

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Thomas Boston was a gifted preacher, a master of the biblical languages, an astute theologian, and an enormously influential Presbyterian minister. Jonathan Edwards called him “a truly great divine,” and Joel Beeke writes that “Boston’s sermons are models of sound exegesis combined with experiential piety and admonition.” Boston’s theologically rich and deeply pastoral writings make him essential for thinking Christians today.

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  • Includes a collection of 38 sermons
  • Discusses Church communion
  • Includes some of Thomas Boston’s best known work
  • The Happiness of Fearing Alway
  • The Instability of Human Goodness
  • Rational Evidences From Heaven Illustrated
  • The Blessedness of Not Being Offended in Christ
  • Believers Looking at the Things Which are Not Seen
  • Christ’s Demanding Admission into Sinner’s Hearts
  • Christ’s Invitation to His Bride
  • Cautions Against Quenching the Spirit
  • Saints Wrestling for the Blessing, and Obtaining It
  • Suitable Improvement of Christ the Apple Tree
  • The Sins of Sinners Finding Them Out
  • The Great Danger of Professors Who Hold the Truth in Unrighteousness
  • The Evil of Christ’s Friends Lifting Up Their Heel Against Him
  • Present Room for Sinners in Christ’s House
  • Hungering After Righteousness
  • Christians Strong in the Grace That is in Christ Jesus
  • Man, Sinful Man, is a Complaining Creature
  • The Pleasures of Real Religion
  • Those That are in Christ the Dead to the World
  • Encouragement to Pray for the Conversion of the Jews
  • Thanksgiving for My Continuance in Ettrick
  • Unfruitful Professors Cut Down as Cumberers of the Ground
  • The Great Desire of the Saints
  • The Duty of Yielding Ourselves to the Lord
  • Amiable Professors Falling Short of Heaven
  • Crook in the Lot
  • On Church Communion

Top Highlights

“But the crook in the lot is a handle, whereby the tempter makes surprising discoveries of latent corruption, even in the best.” (Page 503)

“Where is the Christian self-denial and taking up of the cross, without submitting to the crook?” (Page 532)

“Humility is a piece of the image of God. Pride is the masterpiece of the image of the devil.” (Page 547)

“Sometimes things are softly and agreeably gliding on; but, by and by, there is some incident which alters that course, grates us, and pains us, as when, having made a wrong step, we begin to halt. 3. Every body’s lot in this world hath some crook in it. Complainers are apt to make odious comparisons: they look about, and taking a distant view of the condition of others, can discern nothing in it but what is straight, and just to one’s wish; so they pronounce their neighbour’s lot wholly straight. But that is a false verdict: there is no perfection here, no lot out of heaven without a crook.” (Page 499)

“Thirdly, It often falls in the tender part, I mean that part of the lot wherein one is least able to bear it, or, at least, thinks he is so, Psal. 55:12, 13. ‘It was not an enemy that reproached me, then I could have borne it—But it was thou, a man, mine equal, my guide, and mine acquaintance.’ If there is any one part of the lot, which, of all other, one is disposed to nestle in, the thorn will readily be laid there, especially if he belongs to God: in that thing wherein he is least of all able to be touched, he will be sure to be pressed.” (Pages 503–504)

  • Title: The Whole Works of Thomas Boston, Volume 3: Sermons, Part 1
  • Author: Thomas Boston
  • Series: The Whole Works of Thomas Boston
  • Publisher: George and Robert King
  • Print Publication Date: 1848
  • Logos Release Date: 2012
  • Pages: 655
  • Language: English
  • Resources: 1
  • Format: Digital › Logos Research Edition
  • Subjects: Presbyterian Church; Theology › Early works to 1800
  • Resource ID: LLS:BOSTON03
  • Resource Type: text.monograph.sermons
  • Metadata Last Updated: 2022-02-11T17:19:57Z

Thomas Boston (1676–1732), was a Scottish church leader born at Duns. He was educated at Edinburgh, and licensed in 1697 by the presbytery of Chirnside. In 1699 he became minister of the small parish of Simprin, where there were only 90 examinable persons. In 1704 he found, while visiting a member of his flock, a book brought into Scotland by a commonwealth soldier. This was the famous Marrow of Modern Divinity, by Edward Fisher, a compendium of the opinions of leading Reformation divines on the doctrine of grace and the offer of the Gospel, which set off the Marrow Controversy.


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