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The Works Now Extant of St. Justin the Martyr


Justin Martyr was the first great apologist of the Christian faith. Though most of his life’s details remain obscure, his apologetic works remain among the most profound Christian documents ever produced. The Works Now Extant of St. Justin the Martyr contains his famous First Apology, addressed to the Emperor Antonius Pius, as well as his Second Apology, which, addressed the Roman Senate, augments and expands the first. Both works defend myriad aspects of the Christian faith, but especially focus on defending Christian practices, the congruence of Christian theology with reason, and the influence of Christians on Roman life. Justin also takes great care to defend Christianity and against accusations of immorality and atheism.

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  • Includes the earliest known apologetic works of the Christian faith
  • Presents a through presentation of Christian belief at its earliest stages
  • Provides a defense of the faith that remains relevant in the modern world
  • First Apology
  • Second Apology
  • Title: The Works Now Extant of St. Justin the Martyr
  • Author: Justin Martyr
  • Series: A Library of Fathers of the Holy Catholic Church
  • Translator: G. J. Davie
  • Publisher: J. H. and Jas. Parker
  • Publication Date: 1861
  • Pages: 284

Justin Martyr, also known as just Saint Justin the Philosopher (103–165), was an early Christian apologist. Most of his works are lost, but two apologies, a dialogue, and a few other fragments survive. He is considered a Saint by the Roman Catholic and Eastern Orthodox churches.