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Mennonite Church History
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Mennonite Church History

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Mennonite Book and Tract Society 1905

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Hartzler and Kauffman provide an in-depth history of the Mennonite Church. Tracing their roots to the Church of the first century, the authors then outline the various precursors to Menno Simons teachings—the Novatians, Catharists, Paulicians, Henricans, Albigenses, Waldenses, and the Anabaptists. Kauffman and Hartzler then move to the European Mennonites and the new European settlements in America. Packed with interesting historical documents, such as the “Mennonite Confession of Faith” and letters dating from the seventeenth century from Mennonite leaders protesting slavery, this volume is indispensible for understanding the roots of Mennonite history and doctrine.

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Key Features

  • Provides an in-depth history of the Mennonite Church
  • Traces the historical roots of the Mennonite Church to various precursors
  • Includes historical documents, letters from various Mennonite leaders, and more


  • The Church of the First Century
  • From John to Constantine
  • Rise of Romanism
  • In the Succession
  • Menno Simons
  • The Mennonites in Europe
  • A Visit Among the Mennonites of Europe
  • European Settlements in America
  • The Amish Mennonites
  • Franconia Conference
  • Lancaster County Conference
  • Washington County, Maryland, and Franklin County, Pennsylvania, Conference
  • Virginia Conference
  • Southwestern Pennsylvania Conference
  • Canada Conference
  • Eastern Amish Mennonite Conference
  • Ohio Conference
  • Indiana-Michigan Conference
  • Indiana-Michigan (A. M.) Conference
  • Illinois Conference
  • Missouri-Iowa Conference
  • Kansas-Nebraska Conference
  • Western District Conference
  • Nebraska-Minnesota Conference
  • Northwestern Conference
  • Schisms
  • Reformed Mennonites (Herrites)
  • General Conference Mennonites (New School)
  • Church of God in Christ (Holdemanites )
  • Wisler Mennonites
  • Mennonite Brethren in Christ
  • Missions
  • Mennonites and Education
  • Mennonite General Conference
  • Retrospect and Prospect

Product Details

  • Title: Mennonite Church History
  • Authors: Daniel Kauffman and J. S. Hartzler
  • Publisher: Mennonite Publishing House
  • Publication Date: 1905
  • Pages: 422

About the Authors

Daniel Kauffman (1865–1944) earned a degree of Principal of Pedagogics from Missouri State University and was ordained in the Mennonite Church in 1892, then made a bishop in 1896. He served as editor for the Gospel Witness and Gospel Herald, and helped launch Beams of Light and The Sunday-School Teacher’s Quarterly. Kauffman was a prolific author whose works include Manual of Bible Doctrine, One Hundred Lessons in Bible Study, The Conservative Viewpoint, and The Gospel Mirror.

Jonas Smucker Hartzler (1857–1953) was educated at Wooster College and was an instructor in Bible at the Elkhart Institute. He later taught at Goshen College and served as Secretary of the Mennonite General Conference for over twenty years. For many years he was the editor of Rural Evangel and the author of Among Missions in the Orient and Observations by the Way and Mennonites in the World War or Nonresistance under Test.

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