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Ezekiel (NIV Application Commentary | NIVAC)

, 1999
ISBN: 9780310283430

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Properly understood, this mysterious book, with its obscure images, offers profound comfort to us today. Filled with both an indictment of sin and promise for God’s people, it can help us to live, like the ancient Israelites during the Babylonian captivity, as exiles in the foreign country of this world, with endurance and hope. Ezekiel helps readers learn how the message of Ezekiel can have the same powerful impact today that it did when it was first written.

Resource Experts
  • Treats all the elements of traditional exegesis
  • Compares the original context and the contemporary context
  • Engages contemporary life and culture

Top Highlights

“The third theme of the book grows out of the first two: the inescapable coming of judgment.” (Page 37)

“To sum up, then, the message of the prophets in general, and Ezekiel in particular, is not simply instruction addressed to their own day and age. Still less is it a manual to help you interpret current events in the Middle East and work out the countdown to Armageddon. The message of the prophets is Jesus, and specifically ‘the sufferings of Christ and the glories that would follow.’ Thus, when you interpret Ezekiel correctly, without allegory, you will find that his message is not primarily morality, or social action, or eschatology. His central message is Jesus.” (Page 33)

“The years leading up to that ultimate cataclysm form the background to the prophecies in the book of Ezekiel, which span a twenty-year period before and after Jerusalem’s destruction.” (Page 22)

“For what is in view here, as the connections back to Ezek. 36:24–38 make clear, is something more than political autonomy for the descendants of Abraham. It is nothing short of the fulfillment of all Old Testament anticipations of eschatological fullness, all of which are fulfilled in Christ. It is in him that the new Spirit-filled Israel of God takes shape, an identity that is no longer governed by ethnic origins and circumcision, as the old Israel was, but rather by faith in the cross of Christ (Gal. 6:12–16).” (Page 430)

“The infusion of the Spirit in Ezekiel results instead in renewed life and new power for right living, which is itself a promised prerequisite for life in the land (Ezek. 36:27–28).” (Page 430)

This is the pulpit commentary for the twenty-first century.

—George K. Brushaber, president, Bethel College and Seminary

The NIV Application Commentary meets the urgent need for an exhaustive and authoritative commentary based on the New International Version. This series will soon be found in libraries and studies throughout the evangelical community.

—James Kennedy, senior minister, Coral Ridge Presbyterian Church

It is encouraging to find a commentary that is not only biblically trustworthy but also contemporary in its application. The NIV Application Commentary will prove to be a helpful tool in the pastor’s sermon preparation. I use it and recommend it.

Charles F. Stanley, pastor, First Baptist Church of Atlanta

Iain M. Duguid (PhD, University of Cambridge) is professor of Old Testament at Grove City College and pastor of Christ Presbyterian Church in Grove City, Pennsylvania. He has also served as a missionary in Liberia, taught at Reformed Seminary and Westminster Seminary California, and planted churches in Fallbrook, California, and Oxford, England. Some of Duguid?s other work includes books such as Living in the Gap Between Promise and Reality and Hero of Heroes, as well as commentaries on Ezekiel, Daniel, Ruth, Esther and more. He was a translator for the Holman Christian Standard Version of the Bible and is a contributor to the New Living Translation Study Bible, the HCSV Study Bible and the ESV Study Bible. He and his wife Barb have five children.


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