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NIV Application Commentary: Acts (NIVAC)

Format: Digital
, 1998
ISBN: 9780310427278
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The very name “book of Acts” implies that Christianity is anything but passive. Making a quick and continuous connection between faith and action, the first-century church grew from a handful of Jewish believers into a movement that, sweeping far beyond the confines of Judea, set the entire Roman Empire ablaze with faith.

Faith and action: that inseparable link is a golden thread running through Acts, and it should weave through our own lives as well. While the world today is very different from what it was 2,000 years ago, one thing hasn’t changed: God’s heart for lost people. As long as he continues to act on their behalf, he will call us to play an integral part in his deeds. Acts lifts us up out of the armchair and spurs us to kingdom action, trusting that God will be with us as surely as he was with Peter, Paul, John, and the infant church.

Exploring the links between the Bible and our own times, Ajith Fernando shares perspectives on the book of Acts that reveal its enduring relevance for our twenty-first century lives.

  • Treats all the elements of traditional exegesis
  • Compares the original context and the contemporary context
  • Engages contemporary life and culture
This is the pulpit commentary for the twenty-first century.

—George K. Brushaber, president, Bethel College and Seminary

The NIV Application Commentary meets the urgent need for an exhaustive and authoritative commentary based on the New International Version. This series will soon be found in libraries and studies throughout the evangelical community.

—James Kennedy, senior minister, Coral Ridge Presbyterian Church

It is encouraging to find a commentary that is not only biblically trustworthy but also contemporary in its application. The NIV Application Commentary will prove to be a helpful tool in the pastor’s sermon preparation. I use it and recommend it.

Charles F. Stanley, pastor, First Baptist Church of Atlanta

  • Title: NIV Application Commentary: Acts
  • Author: Ajith Fernando
  • Series: NIV Application Commentary: New Testament (NIVAC)
  • Publisher: Zondervan
  • Publication Date: 1998
  • Pages: 656

The tools, ideas, and insights contained in this volume will help preachers communicate God’s Word and understand the Gospel in the context of contemporary culture, and the exegetical, literary, and grammatical summaries will benefit scholars and students of the Bible. What’s more, with Logos, Scripture passages are linked to Greek and Hebrew texts, along with English translations, and the powerful search tools provide instant access to the information you need for research projects, sermon preparation, and personal study.

Ajith Fernando is national director of Youth for Christ in Sri Lanka and a Bible expositor with a worldwide ministry. He studied at Asbury Theological Seminary and Fuller Seminary, and presently leads the English language minatory in Colombo. He is active in Colombo Theological Seminary as chairman of the academic affairs committee.