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Worship: Beholding the Beauty of the Lord

Format: Digital
, 2005
ISBN: 158134354
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True worship is what happens when God does in our hearts what we cannot do ourselves. Even the most well-planned, elaborate worship—with the most beautiful music and the most enthusiastic worshippers—is meaningless without the presence of the Lord. In this book of instruction and encouragement, longtime pastor Skip Ryan teaches us how we can prepare our hearts and minds to come before the Lord in worship. Worship: Beholding the Beauty of the Lord will help you, your family, and your congregation place more emphasis on the true purpose of worship: exalting the Lord and beholding His beauty.

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  • Examines the landscape of modern worship and liturgy
  • Offers a definition of worship emphasizing God’s glory
  • Encourages individuals, families, and congregations in seeing and praising the glory of God
  • Seeking One Thing of Beauty (Psalm 27)
  • Worthy of Praise (Psalm 96 and Psalm 105:1–3)
  • Soul-Ravishing Views (Luke 9:28–36)
  • The Implications of Our Worship (Acts 2:36–47)
  • How to Fire Your Imagination (John 4:4–26)
  • Drawing Near (Hebrews 101:19–25; 12:18–25)
Skip Ryan is an accomplished worship leader—or more accurately, in worship he is a true servant leader who knows how to lead us into God’s very presence. In these rich and helpful meditations, he shares his heart on what is central to his calling as a pastor.

—Os Guinness, cofounder, The Trinity Forum

Worship Jesus in His joyful assembly with all His holy angels and His chosen people: Gabriel, Michael; Moses, Elijah; John, Mary, Peter, and Paul; your own parents, and those who told you the story of Jesus. Thank the Lord for them. Use Skip Ryan’s book and its dialogue sections at the end.

—Edmund P. Clowney (1917–2005), president emeritus, Westminster Seminary

As those who know him would expect, Skip has written a little classic on worship. It is richly expositional, profoundly theological, and eminently practical. Our liturgists and members will use this for years to come.

—Sandy Wilson, senior minister, Second Presbyterian Church, Memphis, TN

  • Title: Worship: Beholding the Beauty of the Lord
  • Author: Joseph Ryan
  • Publisher: Crossway
  • Publication Date: 2005
  • Pages: 112

Joseph “Skip” Ryan is a senior minister at Park Cities Presbyterian Church in Dallas. Under Skip’s leadership, Park Cities has helped start over 40 churches in the United States and internationally. He is the author of Crosway’s That You May Believe.

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Print list price: $9.99
Regular price: $7.99
Save $3.00 (37%)